Track your time with me next week!

September is a time of new beginnings for many people, and new beginnings bring new schedules. Old routines no longer work and it can be challenging to find time for good habits when the usual cues have shifted.

(Ask me about my attempts to run this week…ugh!)

Anyway, knowing where the time goes now can help us figure out where space might be available, or where the logistics might need a tune-up. We can see if we’re spending more time than we’d like on anything, if some area of life could use more attention, or if we tend to get lost in transition (where did that hour go??)

I’ve been tracking my time since April of 2015 and I find it tremendously helpful. You don’t need to track time for 8 years, but what about a week? If you’ve never tracked time before, or you have but your schedule has changed, please join me next week for the September 2023 Time Tracking Challenge.

From September 11-17, hundreds of us (maybe thousands!) will track our time together for 168 hours. You can sign up here to get daily motivational emails from me. I’ll also be posting about how I spend my time here on this blog.

You can track time whenever you’d like, but lots of people find accountability helpful. So I hope you’ll consider participating! Here’s the sign-up link again.

(You can download a time tracking spreadsheet here — though you can also use an app or just write it down in a notebook or in Notes on your phone, whatever works!)

Here’s to making the most of our time.

Photo: Nope the leaves don’t look like this yet, but I’m going for the fall vibe…

8 thoughts on “Track your time with me next week!

    1. This will be my very first time tracking! I definitely know that I have time because after 7 long years, I finally finished my PhD! So time should not be an issue anymore right? Somehow, I still find myself working when I really don’t want to because I was not able to “fit it in”. Let’s go, I’m ready to see where I’m slacking-I think I already know, ha!

      1. @Clarisa- congrats on finishing the PhD! Good luck with the time tracking – I’m sure you’ll find some useful insights into your life.

  1. Found you through Lisa Woodruff and Organize 365. She uses your 168 Hours circles as a visual to see where your time goes. Never thought Weekend time was different .. but it is! After reading your book, I’m much more time aware… and more productive as opposed to ” busy” ! I can do lots in 30 min! Looking forward to this week. Thank you for offering the opportunity!

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