Today Show, plus Mommy Day #3

Welcome to any Today Show viewers visiting this website for the first time! I was a guest on the Wellness Wednesday segment this morning (around 9:50 a.m.) talking about how to combat the summer slump. You can watch the clip here.

It was a multipurpose trip to NYC — I took my eldest with me, and headed in yesterday so I could have some one-on-one time with him. We’d planned to take the train, but then Amtrak wound up with terrible delays due to a stopped train somewhere just south of DC. So I drove. The drive was as smooth as it could be — while I like the idea of taking the train, when there’s minimal traffic it really is smooth to drive — a mere 2 hours door to door from PA to mid-town Manhattan.

Anyway, I parked and we headed up to Columbia University for a tour. It was boiling hot but fun to see the university. I lived there during the summer of 2000, and at one point we went on one particular staircase and I had pretty clear memories of taking it every day between the subway stop and my apartment. We then went downtown to see Washington Square Park and NYU (which my son is quite interested in). We made a stop at Starbucks for our pre-dinner drinks of sorts, then went to Wolfgangs steakhouse, the one pretty near our old apartment.

We stayed in a great room in the Bryant Park Hotel, overlooking the park (22nd floor!) Unfortunately, neither of us slept all that well, so I really needed to rally myself this morning for my TV segment, but the endorphins kicked in at some point. Plus, it’s always interesting seeing who else is in the green room area. Today’s highlight: the new Gerber baby, who was there with her parents.

Anyway, then it was back to Starbucks and to the car for the trip home. I assume there will be more college visits in the next few years but my son is always up for a trip to NYC so it was nice to do multiple things with this one. Now my husband is going to do a “Daddy Day” with the 8-year-old and then I think we will declare ourselves done with that project!

In other news: I read Juliet’s School of Possibilities for the first time in several years on this trip, as I’m hosting a book club discussion on it next week. I enjoyed reading it, so I guess that’s good! It’s a little different from my other books (it’s a novel) but the time management themes are all still there.

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