The 15-minute bike ride

Every summer, I put “ride my bike” on my Summer Fun List. I own a bike, and I enjoy riding it, and so you’d think this would be straightforward, but it’s never automatic.

So, this week, I put “ride bike” on my weekly priority list. I aim to cross everything off by the end of the week (otherwise, why put something on the list?). I hadn’t done it yet, and the week is ending fast, so I was pondering the logistics of lowering the backseat of my car and putting my bike in my trunk and which trail I could get to reasonably quickly.

Then I realized that I could lower the transaction costs by just…riding my bike on my driveway and my street. We live on a very quiet road that’s right off a very busy road — so I can’t get anywhere far on my bike without taking my life in my hands (or putting the bike in my car). But my road is fine.

So that’s what I did. I rode up and down the street a handful of times and then came back.

I’m sure I would have enjoyed a lovely trail ride a lot more. But if getting that going was going to be intimidating, better to aim low and get it done than aim high and not do it at all. As it is, my little ride whetted my appetite for more so I’m trying to convince my husband to go on a ride with me somewhere in the next week or two. I enjoyed myself, and I get to cross this off the list. Not bad for 15 minutes!

Photo: As you can see if you read this post somewhere that gives the “You may also like…” widget at the bottom, I have used this photo before — almost exactly six years ago. No wonder I look younger in it…

5 thoughts on “The 15-minute bike ride

  1. I feel like biking a few (or many) miles and getting a beer after is such a good date night. My husband and I enjoy doing that in the summer, and the bonus is that he is there to attach the bike rack and load them up.

    1. @Kersti – I will admit that having my husband deal with the bike rack and loading the bikes would be a major plus of having him along – aside from any romantic aspect…

  2. Your thinking around this has helped me write more fiction. I put it on my list with 3 boxes for 3 times a week, then I put 4-5 time on my plan. It’s only for 20 minutes at a time so that I can’t tell myself I don’t have time. I do feel resistance at first, but you can do anything for 20 minutes. After writing, it whets my appetite, like you said. It changes from being nervous or avoidant to looking forward to it. Small wins for the win

    1. @Laura C- glad you find it helpful! Yep, small steps. Always small steps. Three boxes three times a week, with space for 4-5 (to account for stuff coming up) sounds like a great start.

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