Summer vibe: A ‘tri’ day plus another Daddy Day

We have a limited number of summer weekends left here at home, so this past weekend (for me) was mostly about enjoying the local options.

On Saturday AM this started with a minor fail. I’d had this idea that I wanted to run to a local coffee shop, get coffee there, and then run home. Well, I ran to the shop…only to discover that the owners had closed it for two weeks for their summer vacation. Oh well! I ran back home and had my coffee there. I guess I will try this again after Labor Day.

Then I took my daughter to the local farmers’ market. I like to do this at least occasionally during the summer and I hadn’t been this year. She picked out a baguette, some banana bread, and pasta.

During the late afternoon, my husband and I went on a biking date. We parked by the Schuylkill River Trail in Conshohocken, and then biked from there down to Manayunk and back. It was hot (like 94 degrees) but biking feels much better than running in that weather. We then got beers at Conshohocken Brewing Company (located right on the trail). The way the timing worked out, this brewery stop had to be relatively quick, as we have a 6 p.m. curfew on Saturdays (when the 3-year-old is back), but it was still nice.

After a quick dinner, we all went in the pool. This was not the world’s most relaxing pool visit but going in meant I ran, biked, and swam (well, not really much of a swim, but at least in the water…) in one day. In years’ past I’ve put “tri days” as a Summer Fun list entry. I did not this year, but hey. It happened!

We were trying to rally the troops for a family adventure on Sunday but the big kids were not excited about anything. So my husband wound up taking the 3-year-old to the York State Fair. He had a total blast riding the rides — I got a video of him on this trampoline thing announcing that he was jumping all the way to the moon. Meanwhile I supervised a playdate, a pool trip, some tadpole observation (we have a lot of frogs this year in some water by our house), a quick hike, and a grocery store trip. The 3-year-old had seen his 8-year-old brother’s Daddy Day last weekend and announced that he wanted a Daddy Day too so I’m really glad this worked out. Plus, he returned home at 8:15 p.m. sound asleep! And stayed asleep!

So I made a fire in the fire pit with the 8-year-old (not an activity to do with the 3-year-old around). We had some conflict between the two of us over what can be put in a fire but hey, at least he was off the iPad for 45 minutes doing it. I think he had fun?

Now, on to August. I like that August is still completely summer for us (school doesn’t start until after Labor Day). The last weeks of August and the first days of September always feel like something of a bonus, and it’s going to be quite a month. However, I got notices about two gyms opening their fall schedules for kid classes this week and so now it’s back to activity Tetris….

7 thoughts on “Summer vibe: A ‘tri’ day plus another Daddy Day

  1. Fun! I had a yoga tri day yesterday! We are on holiday for the week. I Went for a paddle in the North Sea with the kiddo (frigid but my life motto is to be the mom in the water), cycled to the yoga studio, did hot yoga (so from 10c water to 37c yoga) and cycled home.

  2. What a packed and fun weekend! That’s great you tried running to the coffee shop and having coffee – I think that came from the five free hours discussion? I didn’t run there but on Sat I went to a local coffee shop to have breakfast solo and catch up on work without kids, such a nice atmosphere, nicer than the home office. hopefully next time your coffee shop will be open 🙂

    1. @Sophie – I’m sure it will be open eventually! It’s just funny that I planned it and they started their 2-week vacation that day. And then when they’re back I’ll be gone. But the business should still be there in the fall…

  3. I have a favourite coffee shop and haven’t been in months. Why? It’s such a great atmosphere and I love working there. I’m aiming to make it a priority when the kids have back-to-back sports camps for two weeks in mid-August.

    1. @Elisabeth – sounds lovely! You should definitely go. I don’t usually go to this coffee shop (it’s too small to work), but there’s no reason I can’t walk/run there as a little adventure sometimes.

  4. My child goes to college this year. Normally school would be starting for him next week. So for the first time in years I am enjoying that august is still summer – at least until the 21st of august

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