Weekend recap: Running with zebras (and stuffed animal repair)

The weather was more cooperative this weekend, so most of our weekend plans actually happened!

A definite highlight: Running the Philadelphia Zoo 5k with my 15-year-old (who is almost 16 — that is happening very soon…). The weather was absolutely perfect, sunny and warm enough not to wear jackets (which we had brought…) but not hot. I wound up carrying both of our jackets through the race. But we did it — three loops – one inside the zoo, then one outside, then back in. As we raced through the zoo paths a pair of zebras was running in loops in their exhibit, getting into the spirit. A few monkeys and some of the llamas were staring at all of us. Definitely a new twist on the usual running spectators! We finished, got to Starbucks, and I still made it to church at 10. This is the upside of 5ks as a race length.

I went to the local library on Saturday and got a few coffee table type books on garden and design. These are good to get from the library as they are bulky and expensive! I spent a nice hour yesterday reading through one on Virginia Woolf’s garden. Apparently Leonard Woolf got quite into gardening at their Monk House and her diaries have various entries on what she saw out her writing studio window. It is now preserved and open to the public on occasion. Maybe another place to visit.

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo a little late by going out Sunday night with the two older boys for dinner at our local Mexican restaurant. We were able to sit outside, which is just always a treat. I am looking forward to many more meals outside this summer.

In the spirit of Tranquility by Tuesday Rule #8: Batch the little things, I also did what I called a “Stuffy clinic.” Some children’s special stuffed animals had various rips on the seams so I sat down and sewed four of them in one fell swoop. Good as new!

3 thoughts on “Weekend recap: Running with zebras (and stuffed animal repair)

  1. Oh that’s so fun! I love those types of experiences, and such a nice thing to do with a teenager.
    I love doing a pile of mending all at once, although confessional, sometimes it waits for my mom to visit.

    1. @Coree – it was a good little adventure. I had a thought, many years ago when I was pregnant with this child, and figuring out that I could run while pregnant, that we might someday run together. And now we are!

  2. We did a 5k too! Well, I did a 5 k and my 7 year old moaned and groaned about the fun run. I haven’t done a 5k in a while so I was psyched to come in under 30 min. I made the mistake of starting in the front because the lane was super narrow and I hate tight crowds when I’m running, but it is much more fun to pass people that to be passed; I’ll have to remember to start in back next time.

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