Best of Both Worlds podcast: Spring cleaning and going back to school with Lisa Woodruff

Lisa Woodruff is a longtime friend of the Best of Both Worlds podcast. I know lots of listeners have found her Organize 365 courses and products helpful as they get their lives and homes in order!

So we were thrilled to welcome her back to the show this week. In this week’s episode, she talks with Sarah about spring cleaning, but also about her latest adventure: pursuing a PhD at age 50 as she continues to run her business. She discusses her reasons for going back to school and the ways in which she has adjusted her life to make everything fit (hint: lots of planning!).

In the Q&A, a listener asks how much time podcasting takes. Please give the episode a listen! As always, we welcome ratings and reviews. And please check out Lisa’s Organize 365 company for lots of organizing and home/life management tips.

3 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Spring cleaning and going back to school with Lisa Woodruff

  1. Hi Laura! Long time listener of BoBW here. I just finished listening to the episode about big and small adventures. I wanted to leave a comment about your love of the week, specifically buying cheaper clothing. I have really been learning a lot lately about why this is so problematic for the environment, and how much of an impact textile waste specifically has on our planet. I would respectfully really encourage you and your listeners/readers to think about this when making choices around how you manage your clothing. I understand that it’s more work/effort to fix/repair/properly store clothing, not to mention more expensive but I think it’s doable. I do have a baby and a toddler so I totally understand that the little kid phase of life can be tough on your clothing! Happy to share some items that have worked for me if you’re keen. Just food for thought! Thanks and I love the show.

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