Thursday reflections on Rule #9: Effortful before effortless

This week the Tranquility by Tuesday project has been focusing on Rule #9: Effortful before effortless. Doing a little mindful fun before switching to passive leisure can change the entire experience of free time. Or, as I sometimes put it, leisure time is too precious to be totally leisurely about leisure.

If you’ve been working on doing effortful fun before effortless fun this week, here are a few questions to help you reflect on the experience.

  • Think back over the past week. What sorts of “effortful” fun did you do?
  • When did you choose to make time for this effortful fun?
  • What effects did you see in your life from making time for effortful fun?
  • What challenges did you face while trying to do effortful fun before effortless fun? How did you address these challenges?
  • If you modified this rule, how did you do so?
  • How likely are you to continue to do effortful fun before effortless fun?

Since we’re wrapping up the challenge this week, it’s a good time to reflect on all the other rules too!

  • Did you observe a bedtime this past week?
  • Did you plan on Friday? And is planning on your to-do list for tomorrow?
  • Did you move by 3 p.m. most days?
  • Did you do your chosen activity three times per week?
  • Did you create a back-up slot, or build more open space into your life generally?
  • Did you have one big adventure and one little adventure this past week?
  • Did you take one night (or a few hours) for your interests this week?
  • Did you batch the little things?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this challenge. I’ll post a little more about it tomorrow but…it’s been nine weeks! Thanks for reading along. If you enjoyed the challenge, you’d probably enjoy the Tranquility by Tuesday book as well, so please check it out! You can request that your library order a copy — or order an ebook copy! — and then you can check it out and use that as your effortful fun over the next week or so.

In other news: Check out this Tranquility by Tuesday In Real Life video I made about how one busy woman embraced the idea of effortful fun.

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