Best of Both Worlds podcast: Cleaning & organizing with Dana K. White

We interrupt this week’s time tracking posts with a podcast post! Lots of folks resolve to get more organized in the new year. If that’s you, then you’ll appreciate this week’s Best of Both Worlds guest.

Dana K. White’s website is called “A Slob Comes Clean.” While none of us are huge fans of that word “slob” (Dana talks about her use of it), Dana’s work — through her books, podcast, and very empathetic YouTube videos — focuses on helping people who are not naturally organized create functional homes. In this week’s episode, she discusses simple rules for keeping things under control. Among them? Throw away that pen! If you pull out a pen, and it doesn’t work, don’t put it back in the drawer. It’s not going to magically work in the future. This mindset shift can help, eventually, make sure that what is in the house works, and that clutter doesn’t bury everything else.

In the Q&A, a listener who is pregnant with her second child writes in asking for help on deciding whether to plan on #3. Please give the episode a listen, and as always we appreciate ratings and reviews!

2 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Cleaning & organizing with Dana K. White

  1. I am also always sort of amused by the questions about if people should have a 3rd child or not, being asked to a mother of 5 and a mother of 3. 😉 I mean, I doubt there is a mother in the world that would respond, “Well, this 3rd kid is okay, but honestly I wish we’d never had her.” Hahaha.

    As a mother of only TWO here (who originally “wanted 4”), I can say that if someone asked me that question, I would honestly answer that I am 1,000% happy with our decision to stay at 2!! There are so, so many reasons, and no part of me ever “feels like someone is missing”, even though as I said, I originally did think I wanted 4 kids. On the contrary, I am often so thankful that we did stick with just the 2, given our lifestyle, priorities, personalities, spacing of the two we do have, the size of our house/bedroom configurations, the nature of our jobs, having family abroad/frequent travel and much more.

    As one of you said, I think if someone is asking that question to people with 2+ kids, they are probably looking for someone to validate their desires. 🙂

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