Best of Both Worlds podcast: Let’s do lunch!

Most of us eat lunch most days. It’s a natural break in the work day — a time when we can do something that is not work for at least a few minutes. Yet we don’t necessarily think through this time of day as much as we might.

In this week’s episode of Best of Both Worlds, we explore the concept of lunch. We discuss options for eating, both in the office and if you’re working at home. And then we discuss how you can actually use the “break” part of your lunch break to have some during-the-workday-fun and face the afternoon refreshed.

If nothing else, you might want my WFH easy non-dairy sandwich recipe involving ready made pizza dough and chipotle mayo. Yum…

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7 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Let’s do lunch!

  1. I love hearing about others eating habits so this was a fun episode! I eat a salad for lunch nearly every week day. I get a rotisserie chicken usually although sometimes I will do a taco salad or something like that. I cut everything up over the weekend so I can easily assemble my salads the night before. I have learned that if you put all the toppings at the bottom and the greens on top, nothing gets soggy. I pack my dressing separately and generally don’t eat cheese on my salads – if I did, I would pack that separately. I nearly always work while eating which isn’t ideal but I take a walk around 12:30-1 in our skyway system to give myself a break. When I WFH I usually eat the same thing even though I could make something more interesting. Laura, I love that you and Michael eat lunch together when you are home together. There is usually only one day that my husband and I are both home and I barely see him. I eat lunch around 11 ideally and he eats around 12. I see him when I am making my lunch so we will chat a bit but then I go down to my basement office to eat my lunch.

    I do treat myself to one lunch out each week but I still get a salad! I am the kind of person that can eat the same food over and over without getting sick of it, though. And I love eating a lunch that is packed with veggies. Now that more people are downtown again, I’ve been trying to see people during the day once a week for networking/keeping in touch, too.

    1. @Lisa- that’s great that you take a walk around the skyway system — definitely good to have that option for winter!

  2. Like Lisa, I’m also loving chicken salads right now. I boil chicken thighs and pop them in the freezer, then take one out the night before I need it. I have antipasto ingredients in the fridge- artichoke pieces, olives, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese marinated in oil, and mix those with the chicken and some standard salad items, mix with a bit of the feta cheese oil and ta-da: delicious gourmet salad for lunch. Also good mixed with tuna instead of chicken. Otherwise I’m with Sarah- leftovers are always a great option! And I also manage to have lunch with my husband one day per week Laura, we’ve been having a weekday lunch date instead of date nights, and it’s really fun and feels indulgent, but only takes an hour. If we go to a new restaurant it also counts as a little adventure!
    Thanks for a great episode 🙂

    1. @Sophie – maybe we’ll have to try the restaurant thing for lunch some day! That would definitely be different.

  3. That sandwich sounds awesome. Every so often, I used to roast a bunch of chicken breasts with lemon, olive oil, etc, chop em up and pack them in the freezer for salads, wraps, burritos etc. You’re reminding me that I should start doing this again!

  4. My husband and I manage to have lunch and sex once a week when we wfh!! It’s been a revelation, no more trying to find the energy at 11pm. Highly recommend!

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