Friday miscellany: Getting ready to ride the wave

I love writing books. There is something so satisfying about studying a topic in depth and then exploring it at length.

Then, after the book writing comes the book launching. This is an entirely different all-consuming process. I am deep in that stage with Tranquility by Tuesday right now, writing pieces and pulling excerpts for publications, managing email communications with my various lists, and recording podcasts.

A lot of really great things are happening. My essay on some of the Tranquility by Tuesday findings, “There’s a Better Way to Reclaim Your Time Than ‘Quiet Quitting‘” ran in the New York Times this week. My book trailer is now available (I like how this turned out!). I’ve been a guest on some amazing podcasts that will be released around launch. I’m doing what I can, as are many other hard-working people on my team. I also recognize, after half a dozen books, that some things are out of our control. Getting media attention for any book is often a matter of luck. The right people have to decide there’s a good story there.

In any case, all of this is happening at the same time that I’ve got the usual fall work travel, I’m running a half-marathon, we’re hosting a few parties, choir has started up, plus I’ve got five kids in four different schools. The logistics of all that can be figured out, though the emotional component of supporting all these kids in their transitions is a more open-ended matter. It takes time and energy alongside everything else.

So, life is a big wave right now. I’m going to spend the next six weeks or so riding it, trying to stay upright and maybe even enjoy the exhilaration of the process. It truly is a privilege to write books for a living and be able to share my ideas with an audience. I have a Before Breakfast episode coming up in a few weeks called “You chose this,” which is as much a reminder to me in the moments of feeling overwhelmed as anything else. Life is good. And hey, I have nine rules that can help me calm the chaos and make time for what matters…

13 thoughts on “Friday miscellany: Getting ready to ride the wave

  1. One of my favorite things about what you put out into the world is the choice aspect. You aren’t someone who belabors or complains about the complexity of your life; instead you share the challenges in a vein of here’s how I’m doing it, what’s working, what isn’t, etc. It is a breath of fresh air to help reframe my perspective vs. people complaining when much of life is based on choices we each made; not all but much.

  2. “You chose this” is such a good point. I have a toddler. Its exhausting. But it is also a privilege and very much a choice. I try to constantly remind myself of that.

    1. @Maggie – yep, little people are exhausting but wonderful. At least I got some time to relax outside during my 2-year-old’s nap today!

  3. As always, I appreciate your perspective – especially framing the chaos of life as being something you “chose.” Somehow acknowledging that these are all things you deemed valuable/important/a source of positive growth can help even out in-the-moment overwhelm.

    All the best with the final stages of this exciting process!

  4. I’ve preordered and looking forward to reading it! You swinging in the hammock made me smile. Exciting times for you and those of us who love your books!

    1. @Jenn N – thank you! It all is very exciting, and I am trying to notice and enjoy it. (The hammock has been an excellent addition to my life this summer!)

  5. I very much feel like I’m “riding the wave” right now as we prep to move into a new house and put our current house on the market. It’s overwhelming with two little kids, but this is such a good reminder that life is good and this move is a choice we’re deliberating making, not some trial to endure. Like you, I’m going to remember to try to stay upright and enjoy the process!

    1. @Meghan H – good luck with moving and listing the house! It is a lot. But eventually you will be on the other side. Just try to enjoy what you can!

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