Mommy Day #1, 2022 edition

Now that it is August, I’m working through my Summer Fun List with some intention and urgency. One of the biggest remaining question marks was the “Mommy Days” — one-on-one days I do with the older kids. Four kids is four days and with various other commitments this month I was not 100% sure it was going to happen.

But, as someone once said, people are a good use of time. The kids have actually had more limited ambitions than the full day-at-the-amusement-park extravaganzas we’ve done in previous years. So I figured I could at least do a Mommy Few Hours.

My 12-year-old and I seized some time yesterday. I had to pick him up early at camp because of my call + virtual meeting schedule but when I finished at 3:30, he and I took off to go find the Cousins Maine Lobster truck. He got a Connecticut roll and I got a Maine roll (and a blueberry soda!). Then we went to Dave & Busters and played games. I managed to make the leaderboard on the piano keys game (several times, in fact…) and I got a 500 ticket jackpot on one of the spin-the-wheel games.

Of course, that is just about enough for a single piece of candy in the prize area, but my kids are absolutely obsessed with trading in their tickets. I gave my son my tickets and he selected a handful of treasures. All in all, he was happy with the experience.

Next, I’ll be doing a spa day (well, few hours) with the 10-year-old. Then I just have to figure out how to fit in two more requests. The 7-year-old isn’t sure what he wants to do, but I have a sneaky suspicion it might involve something similar to Dave & Busters…

2 thoughts on “Mommy Day #1, 2022 edition

  1. I’m planning to do my first mommy day with our 4yo this month. I need to pick a day, though, but late August should work w/ my work schedule. He gets incredibly excited for things and will then wake up at like 4:30 in the morning and refuse to go back to sleep, so it will have to be a surprise mommy day. So I will come up with some options and let him choose, but I am pretty sure he’s going to choose the awesome pool by our house if the weather is nice. I am looking forward to a day spent with him. I’m finding 4 to be a great age!

  2. With just one, every outing is mommy or daddy day, but I’d like to pencil in some special adventures with kiddo, especially once school starts. To torture working parents, school finishes at 12 EVERY Friday and the aftercare was super expensive, so I’m just going to flex my hours. I think my son will need some downtime after a week at school, but also, it feels like a good time to go to a museum or the science centre, etc.

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