Best of Both Worlds podcast: Summertime chat with author Mary Laura Philpott

In a recent Patreon meet-up, a listener requested author Mary Laura Philpott as a guest. Since I am a big Mary Laura fan too, I reached out to see if she would come on the show. And she said yes!

In today’s episode, Mary Laura and I chat through her varied career (software consultant, stay-at-home mom, bookstore marketer, public television host, and now professional memoirist…). We talk about her most recent book, Bomb Shelter. This memoir centers on the universal truth of realizing we cannot always protect the people we love — told through her particular story of discovering and helping to manage her teenage son’s epilepsy.

We also talk about her writing process, and how people with “normal” lives can write appealing stories (for more on Mary Laura and her books, visit her website here). I really enjoyed the chat, so please give it a listen!

In the Q&A we take a question from a listener with a 4 month old and a 4 year old who is wondering when she will be able to effectively plan her days again.

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