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I spend a lot of my work hours sitting at my home office desk (or in my home office closet, which is where all my recording equipment lives). But this week I spent two days doing something very different.

In advance of Tranquility by Tuesday (“TBT”) coming out this fall, I wanted to create a series of videos called TBT In Real Life. In these videos, a reader/listener talks about her life, and a specific time challenge she has, and then about how one of the TBT rules has helped with that. I engaged a video production company, and we filmed at peoples’ homes or workplaces in Harlem, Bronxville, Old Greenwich, downtown Philadelphia, and York, PA. Plus my house!

In the interest of frugality and efficiency, I didn’t want to film too many days. So I figured out the puzzle pieces to have all of this happen on Wednesday and Thursday this week. I am happy to say that this all went quite smoothly. I did a lot of driving but we stayed right on schedule! I’m looking forward to seeing the edited files in a few weeks and then being able to share them with everyone.

It is also really nice, after all that running around, to have a full day at my desk today. Well, full in the sense that I’m still doing the camp run at 8:30-9:15 and then 3:05-4:05, but as full as life allows at this point. A lot of stuff piles up, but then I could tell myself, well, I have Friday. So, time to get to work.

July has been something. There are still two days to go, and I have some adventures planned this weekend. As I am reading about others starting the back to school process, I’m realizing that we aren’t that near that moment yet. The big kids start September 6, and the little guy (for preschool) after that.

Speaking of which…we are in full-on potty training mode around here. (So it’s good that we still have over a month until preschool starts!) We are doing all the usual stuff (really cool Lightning McQueen underwear, Skittles for bribery, lots of potty-trying opportunities) but it is hard to get a consistent routine going as every day is different. Maybe this weekend there will be some progress here…I am looking forward to the end of diapers in this household.

3 thoughts on “Back at the desk

  1. You look great in the sneak peak of you on camera! The video series sounds really cool!

    I was out of town for 2 days this week presenting at a conference in DC. It was a whirlwind trip but nice to be in front of people. Although I was asked about a week in advance so they must have had someone else cancel on them? Probably covid-related. But it went really well and I got great feedback on my presentation which always feels good.

    Good luck with potty training! We tried to potty train our oldest shortly after he turned 2 at the start of the pandemic. It was AWFUL. So we threw in the towel on training until he turned 3. He took to it super fast then so just wasn’t ready when we trained around 2. I hope H takes to it soon. Being done with diapers sounds amazing! I can’t imagine how many diapers you’ve gone through with 5 kids!!!!

    1. @Lisa – this reminds me that I need to buy more diapers. Probably best not to run out during this process… It will happen eventually!

  2. We are on holiday with distant cousins – 12, 10, 3 year old twins and a baby (the littles are foster placement), and it’s been so fun to see the gang come together, and my singleton just find his place in the delightful chaos. He’s done so, so we’ll, I think aided by the fact we have our own place, so evenings are quiet.

    School starts in 17 days here… we feel decently prepared but I’m in slight bits about the fact that we are leaving our nursery after 4 years. I don’t normally do the nursery run, but have been making excuses to do it just to see everyone. Definitely going to cry, as are half the staff. They have really low turnover so lots of the staff remember when he started – and hated it!

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