The holiday week

This may be my last morning writing from this desk…we shall see! Theoretically the movers come to start packing up boxes tomorrow. We’re planning to simply move to the new house (with air mattresses and sleeping bags) rather than be in the midst of everything.

It’s a local move, and we don’t have to be out of the house immediately, so nothing is particularly high stakes. We can come back and get stuff. I’m sure we will. But still — it is a lot of moving parts.

I spent the past week feeling a lot of nostalgia as I took things down from the walls and packed up toys and plants and loose items that would be hard to move.

If the nostalgia was robust, I’m not sure the progress was. Looking back, this was probably not the most efficient process. We split up the family for the post Christmas week. My husband took the four older kids on a ski trip and I stayed home with the toddler (since I don’t really ski and he doesn’t yet — so we’d just be hanging out in a rental house rather than our own house, which has his familiar crib and toys…). I had some childcare, and I used that time to take bins of stuff over to the new house. But I am only so fast, and I am one person. Plus when I did have the toddler with me, moving stuff was painfully slow. Once the rest of the family came home, my husband and I could both load stuff in cars, and the teen/pre-teen children could carry things and unload them and I made as much progress yesterday as I did during the entire week. Moving turns out to be a team sport.

I am telling myself it will all happen eventually. I did record a few more episodes of Before Breakfast, and I did some revisions on the book. I edited emails for the time-tracking challenge that will run from January 10-16. And I spent a lot of time with the toddler. We played with his new toys, read a lot of stories and (yes) watched a lot of Blippi.

The new house wi-fi is definitely up and running so we’ll have that. We’ll see when the address change gets registered with the school district, though, so bus service is unclear. We may wind up driving for a while. The logistics are making my head spin. Well, one day at a time for the first week or two and then I’m sure we’ll get into the groove.

I did not stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve. I went to bed around 11:15, but then the toddler woke up howling around 12:45, so I guess I rang it in in my own way…

(Though honestly he’s been pretty good about sleep this week — slept through the night most nights, and not too early in the mornings, and I don’t think that would have happened in a rental house, so I’m feeling good about that.)

We had a belated 2-year-old birthday celebration with the other kids last night. We even had half of an ice cream cake sitting in the freezer so we pulled that out for everyone to have a few bites. The little guy managed to blow out his candle quite well and is getting the concept of opening presents (though he had a lot of help there…all the other children seemed to want to help him!)

I have read about half-way through Twelfth Night in my Shakespeare reading project! I hope anyone who started reading War and Peace has enjoyed the first few chapters….

9 thoughts on “The holiday week

  1. Happy New Year to you and your family, Laura – and best wishes with the house move!
    I have started “War and Peace” and am thoroughly enjoying it so far – three days in, and I find myself thinking about the characters and wondering what will happen next, which is such fun. I hope you are enjoying Shakespeare this year!
    Thank you so much for being such an inspiration and powerful motivator for enjoying our days wisely.
    I will leave you with my favourite Shakespeare quotation: “Love comforteth, like sunshine after rain.” Wishing you and all your readers a year bright with love, laughter and local adventures.
    Best wishes from Belfast,

    1. Just finished chapter 3 as well and am enjoying this slow pace versus my normal speedy pace. I’m struggling to keep the characters straight, so need to find a whos who to print off and keep with my kindle.

  2. I started War and Peace in December using the Serial app so I’m set to finish in August. I’m about 10% in and there are a LOT of characters so far! I enjoyed Anna Karenina so I’m hoping I get more into this one soon. 🙂

    1. @Jenn N – I hope you stick with it! It really is a great book, if there are some slow spots. I think reading a little every day (As you are doing) helps with it because even the tedious parts go quickly if you don’t try to do too much at once.

  3. I am listening to War and Peace a chapter a day. My husband loved it, I am surprised it was not required reading for me at some point. Prayers for you and your family regarding the move.

  4. Ha! The New Year’s wake up by a baby certainly resonated here. My husband and I were so exhausted from completing a long (23-hour!) road trip home that day following family xmas fun that we went to bed by 9:30… and of course our 8-month-old decided to get the party started again at 11:44PM! I guess he didn’t want to miss the ball drop!

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