Starting the 2022 Time Tracking Challenge!

Good morning – it is windy and cold around here. Welcome to the many thousands of folks tracking their time simultaneously this week! I hope the first six hours or so (of 168!) have gone well.

My morning felt a little more settled than all last week with the move — which is good — though there’s still a lot of back and forth.

I woke on my own at 6:15 but dozed until the alarm went off at 6:30. I got dressed (I’d showered the night before) and nudged the teenager up around 6:35. He ate breakfast as I made coffee and my husband showered. Then the toddler started making noise a few minutes before 7. I got him up as my husband and teenager and the dog left — the dog has been going to doggie daycare the past two weeks with all the movers and furniture delivery going on. He absolutely loves it. When I’ve taken him he pulled me across the parking lot he was so excited.

I fed the toddler, woke up the 12-year-old and got him breakfast, then made the 6-year-old’s lunch and did some unpacking while the toddler played in empty boxes (and then asked to watch a video on the computer, which I agreed to). I got the other kids up around 7:45, just as my husband came back to drive the 12-year-old to school. We are still figuring out the new routine in the mornings. We got spoiled in the old house of having school bus service to our driveway. Now the stop is at the bottom of our street. A currently icy street with no sidewalks. I suspect there will be a lot more driving.

Our nanny came at 8. We chatted for a bit, and then I went to my office, though I was going back and forth and texting with my husband, who’d gone to the old house to wait for the junk truck to pick up some stuff. I was on waiting duty for a delivery that was supposed to come here between 8-12…and then the window moved. Anyway, the crew headed over to the elementary school left around 8:45 and by 9:00 I was mostly working. I did start by answering emails that didn’t get done last week. I don’t like to start Monday with emails, but I was way behind with the move. Then I worked on writing and editing Before Breakfast scripts. I write, edit, and record five per week, aiming to be a few weeks ahead. So today I was writing episodes for the beginning of February. I’m writing this now, and may unpack another box in a minute. Very exciting…I’m using a window ledge as my desk because my new desk arrives in a week or so.

How is your morning going so far?

6 thoughts on “Starting the 2022 Time Tracking Challenge!

  1. I was very excited to start this morning, which is weird, because I wasn’t planning on doing it…but I have not tracked my time since my toddler was born! I can’t wait to see the pie chart at the end of the week…lol!

  2. I had a busy morning of taking the baby to the hospital for tubes surgery then the older kid for a Covid test when I got back. But I got a nap in this afternoon. I just sat down and wrote down what I have done with my day in my planner and will probably track electronically after today so it’s easier to build formulas to calculate how I spent my time. I really hope I am adding up way more sleep than I have had lately!

  3. This is really amazing and would be of great help. Though I’m late but I’m interested to start this challenge.

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