Friday miscellany: Just muddling through

On some level it was a productive week. I have a draft of Tranquility by Tuesday, all in one document, with all the bits introducing sections and so forth. The book won’t be out until October 11, 2022, but that gives me time to make it better, to build my platform. I aim to do my “editing retreat” next week to sit with the manuscript for a few days with no interruptions. I’ve also been thinking about cover concepts.

I managed to clean out several closets and move the stuff to the new house’s garage. Any prospective buyers will now see that our closets have floors, which apparently is a desirable thing in a house.

On the other hand, there was a lot of muddling through. Two kids came home sick from school in the middle of the week. Covid negative, but still sick. My husband went to an event last night and since we didn’t have childcare coverage (also sick!) I dialed into choir by Zoom. This went better than it could have — my daughter watched the baby for the first half hour, I got the 14-year-old signed on to his tutoring session at 7:30, I turned the camera off and got the baby to bed, and then I turned the camera back on to do the rest of the rehearsal in the garage since I didn’t want my singing to wake up the baby. Still, there is a certain ridiculousness to singing into your phone in the garage…

Anyway, it’s my turn to take the baby right now so off to do that and go get individual cakes for a weekend birthday party so no one has to take off their masks to eat. A very 2021 sort of celebration…

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