Best of Both Worlds podcast: Mailbag part 1

We tackle a listener question every week on Best of Both Worlds, but we get so many good ones that they can become whole episodes! So we have a few mailbag episodes sprinkled over the next few weeks.

In this week’s episode, Sarah and I talk about pumpkin spice lattes during pregnancy, ideas for kid-friendly meals and grown-up friendly work lunches, habits, missing in-office work, and more.

Please give the episode a listen, and as always, we welcome ratings and reviews. Do you have any reliable, kid-friendly, quick meals that have become staples in your house?

7 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Mailbag part 1

  1. From a self-proclaimed PSL connoisseur, I can assure your questioner that a pumpkin spice latte can be ordered DECAF! So while I agree that giving up caffeine entirely in pregnancy is not necessary, some people choose to do it…but one can still enjoy a PSL, sans caffeine =)

    1. @KGC – I’m sure you can order it decaf…but I’m also on a mission to stamp out all the stupid prohibitions and guidelines that people try to foist on pregnant women!

      1. Oh yes, for sure. Emily Oster’s book had me convinced of that! But if someone decides to avoid caffeine for whatever reason (pregnancy or other medical condition or just doesn’t tolerate it well), I feel it is my civic duty to make sure people know that PSLs can still be enjoyed!!

  2. I drank half-caf lattes during my pregnancy so that can give you a slightly less caffeinated version! I do like PSLs but I lower the PSL to 2 pumps from the standard 5 pumps to make it less sugary (do the same for any syrup addition to a latte).

    I’m like the last question asker in that I prefer to be an individual contributor. I tried managing people and I found I did not enjoy it. If it ever came up in an interview, I think it shows well that you can say that you understand what makes you happy and how a company can best utilize your talents. This topic has come up for me in annual reviews/development conversations and I don’t think I’m viewed differently from someone who wants to go on the management career path.

    Laura, it was nice to hear that Alex won’t eat fruit either. Our 3yo won’t either. It’s hard to imagine not liking fruit! He is the pickiest eater and I just really hope it gets better when he’s older and more, um, rational?? Ha. Tacos are usually a hit in our house and they are a fast meal!

    1. @Lisa – I’m not sure if he truly dislikes it or not, but he’s gotten a wee bit into an identity of being the kid who won’t do it. Frankly, I’m a little tired of the whole thing, but my interest in sitting at the table for hours having battles is minimal…

      1. Are those battles ever really worth it? I’m 57 and still have vivid memories of multiple times sitting at the table, in tears, with a Brussels sprout stuck in my mouth, for hours after my brothers had left the table. I never ate it, and have never eaten one since I had the autonomy to decide. I do wonder if I might have grown to like them if my parents had dealt with the situation differently. I do know that, all these years later, I still hate what they made me go through so what was the point?

  3. My go-to lunch is soup or chili – I have several favorite recipes and will often make a big batch for dinner and freeze the rest in individual containers for lunch. I probably eat soup 2-3x per week and only have to decide which kind to pull from the freezer.

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