Friday miscellany: Snow week edition

It’s been a snowy week. My time logs show a lot of time spent shoveling. Fortunately, there has also been time spent doing puzzles, reading, and singing. I went to another small group masked + socially distant choir rehearsal last night, which has been such a treat. First, because I love singing, but second because the group is mostly the church’s professional singers, plus four of us regular folk, rotated in (I’ll wind up doing 7 or so rehearsals + recordings this year). I would never get another opportunity to sing in a majority professional small ensemble otherwise because…why would they let me in? But since it’s my church choir… It is really challenging to keep up, and to hear parts when we are so far away from each other, but it’s a good challenge.

Thank you to everybody who signed up for the Tranquility by Tuesday project this spring. We’ve now ended enrollment. This should be a lot of fun, and I hope will be helpful to people. The first emails will be coming in mid-February.

I am hoping to achieve Tranquility by Tuesday myself, as things are feeling a wee bit scattered. Case in point, I started writing this blog post at 9 a.m. It’s now 4:20 as I am finally getting around to posting…

A few other things… I’m doing a “Fireside Chat” webinar with Lori Mihalich-Levin and Christina Shenvi, both past podcast guests (and members with me of the Princeton class of 2001!). This will be on March 4th at 1 p.m. eastern time. It’s free, and will cover time management strategies, finding time for fun, and our experiences with building three multi-faceted careers (Lori is a law partner and entrepreneur and Christina is an emergency medicine physician and professor) while raising 11 kids between us. “No slides, just straight talk.” Please join us! (attendance capped at 500).

My friend Emma Johnson runs Wealthy Single Mommy, a site devoted to encouraging women to build a rich life, whether Plan A for building a family has worked out or not. She’s done some interesting new research into joint custody arrangements, and has found that women who have a 50-50 custody split are far more likely to earn high incomes than women who have a higher proportion of custody. This certainly makes sense, in the way that shared care in two-parent households can help women advance in their careers. But there wasn’t a whole lot of research proving what she was seeing anecdotally. She’s also found that the vast majority of women with 50-50 custody splits are quite happy with them. Please give the white paper a read (available at the link above).

It looks like we’re in for more snow on Sunday, so I have left Monday as open as possible, just as a hedge. Life happens, right?

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