Little adventures

One of the upsides of working from home is having at least a little more control over your time. That could, theoretically, open up all sorts of possibilities. The problem is that when you work from home, you tend to not leave your home. It seems like a lot of effort.

Doing the same thing day after day makes the days blend into each other. They’re not memorable. So they aren’t remembered. But that isn’t inevitable. Trying to build a few little adventures into life can make time feel different.

This morning, I went on a guided hike through two local preserves. I had passed the entrances to some of these trails a hundred times and not noticed. Today, I learned where they were. I saw new parts of familiar woods. The weather was gorgeous. The leaves, too.

My inbox is still here, and I am still dealing with it. But time tends to expand to accommodate what we need — or want — to do with it. It could fit in a fall hike on a Thursday, and my Thursday feels different because of it.


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