Best of Both Worlds podcast: Getting kids active

Over the past six months, kids have spent a lot of time at home. Sports and activities have been canceled. In my co-host Sarah’s case, Florida has been unbearably hot outside for…months. It’s understandable, but the net result is that kids may not have been as active as they were before.

Today’s guest on the Best of Both Worlds podcast, Larissa Maloney, wanted to do something about that. This former pro volleyball player, coach, and fitness teacher founded Active Kids 2.0, a virtual training studio for kids. With on-demand classes for everything from karate to cheer, kids can find something that they enjoy.

Maloney talks about her family, starting her business, a day in the life, and the perks of having kids who go to bed early. She also shares her thoughts, as a Black woman, on being a good ally in the pursuit of racial justice, and why she’s optimistic that things are changing for the better. In the question section, Sarah talks about how to navigate one-off changes to the childcare schedule, and how to keep everyone in the loop. I was sad to miss this great conversation (I was traveling) but it was really fun to hear the episode as a listener for the first time! So please check it out, and as always, we appreciate reviews/ratings and being recommended to new listeners.


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