Friday miscellany: Just some updates

Thanks for all your good wishes on my sleep and pain post. My tooth/jaw pain continues to be relatively manageable though I’m almost looking forward (!) to my root canal. I love the idea of listening to music or a podcast during it and treating it as a quiet hour where no on can bother me.

The first part of this week was also (hopefully!) a low point for sleep. I decided to let the baby fuss a bit more at the beginning of the night, just to burn off some energy. I do go in to comfort him and help him get down after a while. He’s managed to get himself to sleep for naps in his day crib (in his big brother’s room). The night crib is in my closet (to be fair, it’s a large closet, and we cleaned out a full corner to be his “room”). I put the white noise machine in there (rather than the main room) and shut the door (instead of leaving it open to the main room) and one way or another we got through the night with one wake-up at 1 a.m. two nights ago, and ZERO last night. He slept from about 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. I did not because of the jaw/tooth issue BUT I slept a lot better than I had in a while.

In a related development, I have been filled with vim and vigor for setting new goals and starting new projects. I recorded 20 podcast episodes yesterday to get ahead of my upcoming vacation. This should allow for a bit of relaxing. I even made a fall fun list. Look for that soon!

Photo: Spot on our hike in the Delaware Water Gap last weekend.


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  1. The power of a white noise machine and pitch blackness should never be underestimated. Maybe that’s all he needed and sleep training is going to be easier than you thought?!! Good luck and hope his trend continues!

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