Best of Both Worlds podcast: Midyear/fall goals

Best of Both World podcast with Laura Vanderkam

I’m just checking in (belatedly) from vacation to post that another Best of Both Worlds podcast episode is now available! In this one, Sarah and I discuss what we’ve been able to rescue of our 2020 goals, and the goals we have for the rest of the year. I can’t say that I have been setting any big goals. Babies are just tough, and that’s still true when you’ve had five of them. Some of the goals I did have for the year (like running the Philadelphia marathon) are not happening for reasons outside my control. But that may be just as well. In any case, my favorite part of this episode is discussing a list of Sarah’s goals from 1996 that her sister unearthed from their childhood home (which is, coincidentally, five miles from my current house. I’ve been living near this artifact for years!!). It’s funny to think how much of our 40-something personalities were already there at age 16!

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3 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Midyear/fall goals

  1. You guys are really killing it with your goals despite dealing with a pandemic and one of you having a baby. As a mom that is about to have a 2nd in December, it was reassuring to hear that you didn’t set too many goals for 2020 and intended to just let the year unfold as it may. I’ve struggled to set a lot of goals in this demanding stage of parenting. I did do a 19 in 2019 list last year but a good chunk was ‘family fun’ type of goals. There were some serious goals like establishing a will so I did accomplish some things that year.

    I didn’t set goals for this year either because we were hoping we’d get pregnant and luckily that worked out. So I feel like 2020-2021 are going to be sort of ‘lost years’ in terms of goal making and then I’ll hit the ground running in 2022 hopefully. That’s not to say I haven’t accomplished anything this year – but a lot of it is stuff that has come up naturally versus things I’m forcing to happen.

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