Before breakfast on the boardwalk

I am on vacation right now, such as it is with five children and running a business. I’ve decided over the years that while it is hard to go to zero with self-employment, if you accept a little work during vacation, it’s possible to take longer and more frequent vacations. Just one of those trade-offs. We tend to hit the beach in the morning, come back for lunch and then quiet time/work time, visiting the beach again before dinner. This year is a little different from usual, of course. My 5-year-old is gung-ho about wearing a mask when walking in crowded places, though he refuses to wear shoes. He has been walking to the beach barefoot as I pick my battles. But some of the old fun is still accessible. We can get ice cream from our favorite parlor. They pack it in a cup, and send a cone with you so you can assemble the traditional version yourself. And I am still running on the boardwalk in the morning. I snapped this photo yesterday, and I just love the calming beach grass, flowers, and sky. Hope everyone has a relaxing and safe holiday weekend!

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