Best of Both Worlds podcast: How to do nothing

Best of Both World podcast with Laura Vanderkam

As promised, this week’s Best of Both Worlds podcast guest is Celeste Headlee, author of the new book Do Nothing. In this episode she talks about how and why to find space for leisure, and why focusing a little bit less on efficiency might make us happier. In the introduction, Sarah and I discuss our favorite forms of “idleness.” Tubs might be involved. Please give it a listen!

7 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: How to do nothing

  1. I also really enjoyed this podcast episode. She was a great guest. You can tell she has been on the radio for years. The episode really made me think about how hard it is to ‘do nothing’ these days between WFH and caring for a toddler. I just feel like I am ‘on’ so much of the time. But I am good about going upstairs to read for the last hour of the day. I just wish I had more periods of ‘nothing’ in my life. I need to be better about strategically taking days off to give myself some me time. My team at work has barely taken any time off since we can’t go anywhere/do anything fun. But I’m going to try to take one day off/month to give myself a break.

    1. @Lisa – I know, I would love to have more “nothing” time but I am telling myself it will happen eventually… And yes, Celeste has a wonderful voice!

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