Welcome to The New Corner Office

I hope everyone is hanging in there with social distancing. If you’re looking for something to listen to while folding laundry, making dinner, or while your kid has seized your laptop for a class delivered via Zoom, may I suggest…The New Corner Office?

Launching today from iHeartMedia, and hosted by me, The New Corner Office features strategies for succeeding in the new world of work, one where location and hours are more flexible than in the past.

The format is the same as Before Breakfast: a quick tip every weekday morning. Many people are working remotely for the first time as the world tries to slow the spread of COVID-19. This podcast will help them get up to speed on what works and what doesn’t.

But even when the world gets past this (which it eventually will) the working world will have changed. It turns out that a great many jobs do not need to be done between 9 and 5, five days a week, in a particular physical location. The New Corner Office will focus on the strategic advantages of flexible work, on career-building strategies, daily happiness hacks, and tips from successful people on how to get more done.

I’m excited about this new project. So please give the first three episodes of the podcast a listen, and leave a rating/review at Apple Podcasts.

In other news: If you haven’t listened to Before Breakfast, we’re now running some “Second Cup” episodes on Saturdays with the greatest hits from the past year. That might be a good place to start if you don’t have time for all…280 episodes.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to The New Corner Office

  1. I love the new podcast! This is the perfect start to my day (along with Before Breakfast). Thank you for this timely addition.

  2. Awesome! Already listened to the first few episodes. I love turning on Before Breakfast while I get ready for the day. Sometimes I wish it would last longer…now I have another one I can listen to which will be perfect!

  3. I’m also happy about another Laura podcast! Have to say I am inspired by how you seized this opportunity to share tips om remote working. Other people would have complained about their cancelled speaking gigs, I appreciate the entrepreurial spirit behind this new venture!

    1. @Maggie – trying to be entrepreneurial! I figure the speaking business won’t come back for a while, so best to pivot quickly.

  4. Brilliant podcast idea! We are wrapping up week #1 with no nanny. We put together a schedule and are trying to stay pretty pragmatic about it all. At the same time, I find myself completely mentally exhausted at the end of the day and wish there was more time to process everything going on. Started another round of time tracking today. If it’s anything like previous time tracking then I hope to see a) how much is getting done b) how much downtime I actually have and c) where maybe some shifts could be made to make it all feel a little bit less overwhelming. Hang in there, everyone!

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