Family jammies

School and activities are canceled, but spring is not — the magnolia outside my front window should bloom in the next week. I am eager to see the riot of pink blossoms.

In the meantime, we’ve been spending all our time at home. We had family lunch the other day — definitely a novel experience for a Tuesday. And we’ve been spending more time in our pajamas, which has made a certain Christmas present very useful.

Last November, I ordered us all matching pajamas from PajamaGram. I chose a theme that is wintry, but fairly unisex and not too Christmas-y: navy henley-style tops and blue and red snowflake-checked bottoms.

Not all of us are given to wearing pajamas. But everyone has been wearing what we have come to call the “family jammies” — even the baby! On any given night it’s fun to see which other family members have selected these pajamas for the evening. It’s a great way to feel more connected. And if we’re stuck with each other for a while, “connected” is better than a great many other things we could be feeling.

In other news: Kristen at The Frugal Girl has been homeschooling for years — seeing her two eldest all the way through. She’s got a post answering common questions in her usual empathetic style. The good news: you won’t screw this up too much in a few weeks (or months). It doesn’t require 6 hours a day. Little kids can hangout and listen and you can school at unorthodox hours — good to know if you’re on video conferences during usual school times.

9 thoughts on “Family jammies

  1. Love those baby pictures! He looks like a little rascal in that one.
    Am noticing that all the time and meals eaten at home are making so much more mess and housework. I vacuumed twice this week already. We are trying to do more “fun” lunches to break up the monotony. Had hot dogs yesterday which was a big hit.
    Have also decided to let the kids have unrestricted access to the Diet Coke, as long as they drink milk first. They usually can’t have it on weekdays. Also decided to give myself unrestricted access to my wine, because I need it haha.

    1. @Sarah K – I agree that now is a time for breaking some rules! And yes, having everyone around creates a LOT of dishes and mess!

  2. I’ve been dying to know where those jammies came from, so thanks for sharing! The holiday ones I have gotten in the past didn’t hold up well. Hope you are having a safe enjoyable time at home.

  3. I love the family jammies! This is going to be something your kids grow up and remember fondly. It made me smile, thanks Laura! 🙂

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