Best of Both Worlds podcast: Routines (such as they are…)

Best of Both World podcast with Laura Vanderkam

Sarah and I tend to record Best of Both Worlds podcasts ahead of time. Issues of work/family/time management are fairly evergreen, and as two working moms, we know that planning ahead is the key to sanity. That way, when stuff inevitably goes wrong, we’re not scrambling to meet deadlines (or missing them). This is how we have never missed a Tuesday release date, even though both of us have had additional babies since the launch of the podcast!

But occasionally the news is big enough to make things recorded in the past feel a little off currently. That’s probably the case for today’s episode of Best of Both Worlds, which focuses on our routines, and what’s working and what’s not. (That link takes you to Apple podcasts.) As all our kids are now out of school and Sarah is doing her non-patient work from home, everything is quite a bit different these days!

Disruptions are always stressful, doubly so when coupled with the larger world’s uncertainty, though they do present opportunities. People often establish new routines when they move, or switch jobs, or their kids start school at different times or get there in different ways. No doubt there will be lots of new routines coming out of this time — although it will also be very nice to get back to normal!

In this episode we do an update on how Sarah handled the mood issues she’d been dealing with last fall. We also answer a listener question on what someone should do before having kids. Saving money, and maybe tackling a big personal project are both good ideas, though I confess that I always bristle a bit at some lists people publish of things to do before having kids. You can still go skydiving after having kids if you want…but I have never wanted to go skydiving, before kids or after! Please give the episode a listen!

9 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Routines (such as they are…)

  1. I enjoy episodes like this – and not everything has to be about coronavirus! But Laura, I have to admit I’ve been wondering, is re-recording the “I’m a mother of four” bit in your podcast intro on your to-do list?

  2. Honestly, I’m grateful for non- Coronavirus content. I’m rationing reading about Coronavirus to twice a day, and only from official sources. I’m glad to have my kids routines, to focus on and keep me grounded throughout the day.

    1. @Megan – yep, I’m limiting myself to one news check per day. That is enough to stay informed, and beyond that is wallowing.

  3. I’m curious if you still have your sitter coming to you? Ours was just after school but she had more availability and so we took advantage for now. We still plan to not work/work less over spring break so I know she’s sitting for another family then. I just haven’t heard of whether this is a good idea/still meets social distancing reccs. Which is kind of frustrating- there are lots of neighborhood kids or college students who could be working right now but are we risking something?

    1. @Kathy I am a physician and mom of 4. Until today I will still seeing patients in the office and now I am seeing patients via video chats. As a result I still really need childcare. As a results we do still have our babysitter coming. She lives alone and is not high risk of getting severe disease. She is also not taking care of anyone else’s children. We essentially consider her part of our household for distancing purposed. Nothing is perfect. But this is better than the alternative for us right now.

  4. Another listener who appreciates the non-corona episode. It was so nice to have a break from talking about this all day!

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