Learning to throw, and a tub’s last hurrah

This weekend was fairly low-key as these things go, which was fine. Friday night, my husband and I went out for dinner at our favorite local BYOB place. The children were building a leprechaun trap while we were at dinner, so we stopped at the local Acme afterwards to make sure the leprechauns had picked up supplies (candy), if you get my drift. I went to bed before my older sons, so then I woke up at 5:30 a.m. realizing that I wasn’t sure if the leprechauns had visited. I had to go down stairs and make sure they had.

I did the karate run, and my husband took our 8-year-old to Little League evaluations. The good news is that he seemed to be roughly in the middle. Not a star, but not horrible either. They try to equalize the teams; hence the evaluation. Anyway, this finally got the kid to realize that maybe he should practice a bit. So we spent a fair amount of time on Sunday throwing the ball, practicing batting, etc.

Here’s the thing: my throw is terrible. I didn’t really spend much time throwing balls around as a kid, and then it hasn’t been a huge part of my life since (no corporate softball teams or anything). I was acutely aware of this as I kept trying to throw pitches to my son. I was all over the place. But the silver lining of being so bad is that it is possible to improve a great deal in a mere hour. I was pitching much better by the end of it. Perhaps, at age 39, I might learn to throw a ball.

On Saturday afternoon we did our usual family YMCA trip. We splashed around in the indoor pool for an hour. I went down the water slide. My daughter made it up to the top of the slide, and then elected to climb back down. I’m really puzzled by this, as I think she’ll love the water slides once she tries them. Especially since she has been on bigger slides at Sesame Place. But there’s some sort of psychological block. I thought it might be that she didn’t want to look scared going down the slides in front of her brothers. So I tried taking her up when they weren’t paying attention. But that didn’t do it either.

Later Saturday night, we had one more water event. The master bathroom tub has jets in it; this tub will be removed during the renovation and replaced with a more modern, free-standing tub. I’ve never liked the jets, and it is theoretically my tub. Of course, the kids have always liked them. So we gave them one last bath in there. They’re getting too old to be all in there together, a problem which my daughter decided to solve by wearing a swimsuit. And goggles! See photo.

Sunday I got up and ran, solo, at 7 a.m. (Jane, alas, is injured). Then church, and in the afternoon the 10-year-old went to see Wrinkle in Time with some friends. I went to a concert given by the Bach Choir of Bethlehem. That would be Bethlehem PA, not the place in the middle east.

Now it’s more cleaning out of the kitchen and master bathroom so they can start work this week. I keep finding more stuff!

In other news: Guess what? I have a book coming out on May 29. It’s called Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done. You can follow the pre-order links at this page. I’ll be putting a note on the bottom of most of my blog posts for the next two months so…please bear with me.

5 thoughts on “Learning to throw, and a tub’s last hurrah

  1. Good luck with renovations! We recently renovated out bathroom with a free standing tub by Hydrosystems. If you are looking for a tub check them out, family based company out of Cali- customer service is amazing!!

  2. I love picture. Looks like your daughter is having a blast! All the best with your renos. I’ve done both (kitchen and ensuite). Pack your patience (LOL).

  3. I just used our new free standing tub for the first time last weekend and it was divine. 🙂 Make sure your design leaves space around it to clean, and pick up dropped items – it’s kind of weird for me to not have a tub deck anymore :). Oh, and figure out if you need some kind of ledge or end table or something to put stuff on while you’re in the bath – we have a windowsill and the edge of the vanity close enough to reach from in the tub so that works to put down my book, etc 🙂

    Also, we discovered with our master bath reno that newfangled faucets have a “heat limiter” inside them that “protects” you from getting burned. We had to get the construction guy back to adjust it so we could actually have water that was hot enough.

    And keep your eye on the prize – it will be so worth it when it’s done. I love our newly remodeled spaces <3 after 6+ weeks of having the construction guys here nearly every day. (Still not 100% done as they ordered the wrong doors for a bathroom cabinet…)

  4. Wow! I feel so honored being mentioned even in my injured state! I’m okay to run; let’s get some Broad Street training done! And let me know when you’re coming to the Y here. My kids beg me to take them, but I keep putting it off.

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