Friday miscellany: Renovations, blog break

After getting home at 1:15 a.m. early Thursday morning, I was up bright and early to greet the contractors who came to start ripping up our kitchen and master bathroom. We had our first breakfast in the temporary kitchen, which is surprisingly cute now that it is all set up. Alas, running a coffee maker, microwave, and camp stove simultaneously did a number on the electrical system. Simply resetting the outlets (and even flipping the switch in the circuit board) did not help matters but the contractors included an electrician, so he got it sorted out, and I am now making sure to use only one appliance at a time. All this will be an adjustment. Finding a bathroom in the middle of the night when my bathroom was sealed off was not fun. I am starting to understand the concept of chamber pots. I am also now trying to work with the noise of demolition going on over my head. But I am telling myself it will all be worthwhile when it is done.

We spent a while playing in the snow yesterday. It packed nicely — excellent for snow men, snow forts, and snow balls. The children are finally back at school today. Then next week is spring break. So I will probably be posting here less. I may try to get a podcast discussion thread up on Tuesday. But I’m mostly going to try to spend a week more or less off the clock. (Which will be published May 29!) So nothing’s wrong – I’ll just be back in April.

2 thoughts on “Friday miscellany: Renovations, blog break

  1. I hope your renovations go smoothly and are over quickly! I got very familiar with my nearest university library during our remodeling. I found it next to impossible to work at home during the active construction phase. I’m closer to UCSD than to our downtown city library or a branch with good work space, so I started going there to work. It was summer, so not at all crowded, and as a bonus, I could read research articles that are behind a paywall when I was at home!

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