2018 Time-Tracking Challenge: Day 7

Almost done with 168 hours of time logs! Did you stick with the whole week?

Last night, I watched football (Go Eagles!), ate various snacks, and put the kids to bed. I made it to bed around 11:30 (again! Perhaps my new bed time). Here’s how today went:

7:00 – 7:15 up with 2-year-old, who announced he needed to go potty (!) His diaper was wet, alas, so it was an ineffectual potty stop. We’re working on it. The 6-year-old got up too, so I set them up with a TV show, and got into my running clothes.

7:15-7:26 – 1.1 miles on the treadmill. A “better than nothing” day, and not much better than nothing — but if I hadn’t done it then, it wouldn’t have fit any other time.

7:26-8 – made breakfast for myself and the kids.

8-8:45 – got ready for church, along with 2-year-old and 6-year-old.

8:45-11:30 – drove to church and did various church stuff (my husband took the 10-year-old and 8-year-old skiing in the Poconos). My daughter sat in the choir loft with me for the pre-church rehearsal while the 2-year-old was in the nursery (he later moved to an actual Sunday school class). We were rehearsing “We Shall Overcome” — one of today’s anthems — and I heard a little voice singing along. Apparently my daughter knows that one! Collected the children afterwards and drove off.

11:30-12:00 – grocery store, plus unloaded groceries. We picked up the 2-year-old’s birthday cake for his 3rd birthday. Dinosaur Train!

12-12:30 – made and ate lunch with kids

12:30-1 – read while kids played

1-2:05- drove to DaVinci Science Center in Allentown to meet my husband and the boys

2:05-4:30 – DaVinci Science Center. This turned out pretty well as a family excursion (post-skiing for the older kids and post-church for the younger ones). All four enjoyed playing with various things. The biggest hits were pretty low tech: crawling through a maze with the lights on and then the lights off, and playing with balls and buckets on this giant contraption that the balls rolled through.

4:30-5:40 -drove home with half the kids, stopping to get gas along the way.

5:40-6 – 2-year-old had fallen asleep on the trip, so I spent this time trying to wake him up. He was snuggly, which was nice, but a little ornery about the whole thing, which was less nice.

6-6:30 – other car arrived, we cooked dinner for the kids, and sat with them while they ate.

6:30-7:30 – cake for the 2-year-old’s upcoming third birthday, then presents. There were a lot of presents! The living room was like a wrapping paper explosion. The older children definitely “helped” break in a lot of the toys…Toward the end of this, my husband cooked dinner for us.

7:30-7:45 – ate with husband while kids played. Steak and twice baked potatoes.

7:45-8:15 – cleaned up. The kitchen was a mess.

8:15-8:30 – started writing this post. Then was interrupted.

8:30-9 – had 2-year-old (his last day as a 2-year-old!) try the potty, get in his pajamas, and then do stories. The 10-year-old read him two stories and I read him others.

9- put the laundry in the machine, picked up more of the living room, and now I’m finishing this post. It’s been a pretty good week. I’ll write a recap post tomorrow. If you stuck with the tracking, I’d love to hear how it went!

Photo: Another fun DaVinci Science Center activity- making impressions of one’s face. I tried not to think of how many other children made impressions of their faces prior. 

3 thoughts on “2018 Time-Tracking Challenge: Day 7

  1. Love the photo!

    I’ve decided to track my time for another week. During the official week, my son was sick with the flu and our water heater started leaking, which turned into a 3-day fiasco! So, I’m going to start over with a more “normal” week. No emergencies, I hope!

  2. I tracked my time for the entire week (I track one week each quarter–that seems to be about right for me) and I always learn something. The tracking itself always motivates me to be productive so I have something to write down (I’m an Obliger in Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies). This time, I got sick Friday night and had to write “slept and read” for almost the entire day on Saturday. A first for the time tracking experience!

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