2018 Time-Tracking Challenge: Day 5

It’s the weekend! Do you have anything fun planned? I hope so!

Last night after hitting post I did have my celebratory glass of wine. I chatted with my 10-year-old briefly, then sent him to bed. My husband and I had a drink together. We read and went to bed 11:15. Here’s how today went:

7:00 – 8 – up with 2-year-old. He consented to a short snuggle, then we went downstairs and turned on Blaze. I made coffee, and my husband made waffles for everyone (while listening to a conference call…multi-tasking). I fried us eggs, and we sat down for family breakfast around 7:40.

8-8:25 – nanny arrived. Worked, mostly administrative stuff.

8:25-8:35 – the two big boys got shoes/coats and got on bus. Since it was a half-day, the 6-year-old (who is in afternoon kindergarten) did not have school. So she was in school only two full days this week, due to the weather delays/early closures. Just a reminder/public service announcement: school is not always reliable childcare!

8:35- 8:45 – more admin

8:45-10:45 – drove to Massage Envy and got a 90-minute massage, which was lovely. The verdict from my masseuse is that my back and shoulders were good, but all the tension moved to my legs. I had a “quarter-sized knot” in one hamstring. Was a wee bit sore after its working-over, but probably necessary. Drove home.

10:45 – 12:15 – worked. A lot of email, and was interviewed for a “book-azine” (those semi-bound books you can buy at news stands and supermarket check-out lines) on productivity.

12:15-12:50 – cooked and ate lunch, made myself look semi-presentable. Kids got off bus (half-day).

12:50-2:10 – drove to nearby “village” (which is half a mile away – but it was pouring down rain!) went to ATM, then to coffee shop to have coffee with a podcaster who lives in the area and wants to have me on her show. We discussed podcast audience building and the like. We had discussed doing our meeting over a run, but the rain deterred that. Also, she then told me she ran on the track team at a Division 1 school so….maybe best for my sake this run did not happen. Drove home after setting up interview logistics.

2:10 – 2:30 – worked, but mostly waited for rain to stop, which my weather app said was going to happen in 15 minutes.

2:30-3:05 – there was a break in the rain, so I ran outside! It was great. 62 degrees! Drizzled a bit but I ran in a T-shirt and running capris. In January! 3.4 miles. However, it will be 30 degrees by the time we wake up tomorrow morning.

3:05-3:35 – showered (finally) and did my hair. You will note there wasn’t a shower earlier in the day, despite my meeting. I blamed my appearance on the rain.

3:35-4 – corralled 10-year-old and 6-year-old into karate uniforms, got them in car, and drove to karate.

4-5:30 – worked at karate. A lot of email responses. Some rather major stuff that came into my contact form — which I don’t check as frequently as I probably should. If anyone reading this needs to reach me, my lvanderkam at yahoo address is the best one. It’s a good question why I have the contact form if I don’t check it frequently.

5:30-6 – drove kids home.

6-6:20 – dressed up a bit more.

6:20 – 7 – requested uber, took uber downtown.

7-9:45 – ate dinner at Talula’s Daily secret supper club with my husband and some friends of ours. We used to see them more frequently, but our kids no longer go to the same school so it was nice to catch up, especially over the seasonal tasting menu and beverage accompaniment (since I wasn’t driving).

9:45-10:10 — came home, posted this, hopefully to bed soon. There will be an epic wrestling meet tomorrow.

So…lot of good stuff today, though not too much work got done. Indeed, my work hour total for the week will be pretty low. But it was quite productive in terms of outcomes. How was your Friday?

4 thoughts on “2018 Time-Tracking Challenge: Day 5

  1. Though my procastination ended today, nothing big came out. Hopefully, tomorrow. Lots lined up and do the best.

  2. Your days are always so interesting!

    Regarding the contact form, our website platform allows us to have anything that comes in through that to our main email address. That way, we can still have it as an option for anyone who prefers it without keeping track of a separate inbox.

  3. School is not reliable childcare indeed! Snow days even here in Tennessee and MLK day on Monday mean I’ve logged a whopping 4 work days in 2018. No wonder I’m behind – how to set realistic goals in that situation? Plus you know sick days are coming…

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