Be part of my next book (and help some great non-profits too!)

Do you have 6-10 minutes to help me out? OK, bad question. Everyone has 6-10 minutes. A better question: would you be willing to make it a priority, in the next 6-10 minutes, to help me gather some data for the book I am writing?

My next book, Off the Clock, will explore how people feel about their time. To add data to the project, I am conducting a survey looking at how people spent time yesterday, and how they feel about their time in general. I would love your help with this!

The survey takes 6-10 minutes to complete, depending on how much detail you choose to provide. For every completed survey,* I willl donate $6 to one of three non-profits: Doctors without Borders, The Nature Conservancy, or Boys and Girls Clubs of America. On the last page of the survey, you can choose which organization you wish to support.

Survey respondents must work for pay at least 30 hours/week, and have children at home.** Here is the link to the survey

Please send this to anyone you know who might qualify. As my readership is slightly more female than male, I particularly welcome forwarding to any working fathers in your life. Thank you so much for your help!

*Up to approximately 500 completed surveys. The survey will be open from Tuesday-Saturday or until I have adequate responses. All responses are anonymous.

** Why employed people with children? These are the categories of individuals that Gallup surveys find are most likely to feel time stress.

12 thoughts on “Be part of my next book (and help some great non-profits too!)

  1. The most time consuming thing that went into the survey was deciding how I wanted to direct the donation! All worthy causes. I know this is kind of strange–but I’m really curious as to how the contributions get split between the three causes. Would you mind letting us know (percentages are fine–no need for actual amounts). I’m just curious how it shakes out with your readers directing/voting for the recipient.

    1. @EB – thanks so much for taking it! And sure, I’ll be happy to let everyone know how the contributions get split. I’m quite curious what the split will be too!

  2. I filled out the survey. Lol. Yesterday was not my usual day. It was kind of a nightmare. However, once I got to thinking about it, I kind of have a nightmare day every other week. It was not fun living through it even though it has made for a funny story today. I took a bus full of my archery team 3 hours away for a qualifying meet for state. We had a kid get car sick on the bus (and himself and 2 other people.) You know what happens when someone gets sick on a bus? Everybody else gets sick too.
    Talk about being present.
    I forwarded the survey to some men I work with as well.

    1. @Jennie – oh dear! It’s an anonymous survey, but I guess if I find the log that talks about much time spent cleaning up vomit on a bus I’ll have a hint who that was… 🙂

  3. Hi Laura! Rarely do I regret only being employed for 19 hours per week but I do wish I was eligible for the survey! I have forwarded the email to some friends, good luck!

  4. I was lucky enough to have had a great day yesterday 🙂 (not every day goes as nicely!). I am already excited for this book!!

  5. I hated to put 2 hours to tv in my survey but if it had been about yesterday I would have had to enter an hour devoted to Acme’s Monopoly game pieces. *sigh* Why can’t I just say no to that?! 🙂

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