Mid-week update: a few links

I am traveling this week (and somewhat on vacation) so blogging less than usual. But I wanted to share a few links.

First, at Fast Company I wrote a post on Secrets Of People With All The Time In The World. Why do some of the busiest people seem to be so relaxed about time? Here’s what they know that the rest of us don’t.

Second, money guru Jean Chatzky interviewed me for the HerMoney podcast. This was a fun conversation, so please give it a listen!

2 thoughts on “Mid-week update: a few links

  1. I love the Fast Company article, especially K.J. Dell’Antonia’s comments about refusing to feel busy and not succumbing to “just one more thing” syndrome. That last one has made a huge difference in my routine, and it really is so great not to be so rushed. If we’re ready to leave early, we just go ahead and leave — and still usually end up right on time.

    1. @Meghan – thanks! Yes, it’s so tempting to try to fill that last little bit of time but unfortunately, there will be something unexpected that comes up along the route, so best to just leave when you’re ready.

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