Another August weekend

IMG_1293This weekend certainly felt like August with the temperature rising into the upper 90s. Still, despite the oppressive heat, we did a few fun things.

I went for a solo swim on Saturday afternoon. After a nap. This was my payoff for getting up with the toddler on what was not officially my morning to do so.

I took the 6-year-old and 4-year-old to the Reading Fair on Saturday evening (my husband took the 9-year-old and 1-year-old to the beach). The two of them enjoyed the rides (especially the Ferris Wheel – which I don’t like, but we did it), and funnel cake, and corn dogs. Our time at the fair was cut a bit short by the massive storm cloud I saw approaching. I made the kids race to the car, showing them the streaks of rain I could see in the distance. My daughter was complaining bitterly about not getting to play another game (she had not won a stuffed animal yet) but within 2 minutes of our being in the car, the rain was coming down in torrents. She said to me “I’m not complaining anymore,” which I thought was very mature of her to note. Also, her brother gave her one of the things he won, so it was all good.

IMG_1297Upon returning at 8:00 p.m. I made myself tomato sauce from garden tomatoes. With some cut-up chicken sausage, and served on veggie noodles, and with a glass of chianti, it was great.

I slept in until 7:30 a.m. Sunday morning when my husband finally took his turn on toddler AM duty. It was cool enough in the morning to play outside with the 1-year-old and my daughter for a bit.

We took the big kids to a Phillies game on Sunday afternoon. I really love live sporting events, and we had great seats. Unfortunately, “great” is relative — our seats were in the sun, and it was 97 degrees, and when we got there, the seats themselves were so hot you couldn’t sit on them without burning yourself. IMG_1298We had to put our tickets down and sit on those, and pretty soon the complaining was so bitter we had to move up to some seats that were in the shade. That was fine, although then the whining for food/drinks commenced. I promised we would get stuff in the fourth inning, although that may have focused the littler kids a bit much on hoping there would be quick outs. After we got some food, though, people relaxed. I had a beer, there was a nice breeze, and all was good. We even got to move back down to our original seats by about the 7th inning, when the sun had moved enough to put those seats back in the shade. It was a relatively high scoring game, which made for enough action to keep it interesting.

Then the weekend miracle: the toddler slept in until 7:15 on Monday morning! We hadn’t set alarms because, well, we haven’t needed them. It was unexpected but very welcome. Here’s hoping it continues.

3 thoughts on “Another August weekend

    1. @Crispin – yes, those are mushroom noodles. I didn’t make them myself, our local grocery store has them in the meat-free/natural foods section. I think they’re made from shiitakes? Very good for getting my pasta fix without the carb bomb.

  1. Wow – I am SO happy for you about the toddler sleep in…Like, seriously, it’s stressing ME out to think about how often you wake up before 6 or even 5 am with the little munchkin. Now that you know he can do it, just ignore him when he wakes before 6/6:30 am. (Easier said than done, I know…)

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