My summer bucket list

photo-344Yesterday I posted my entire List of 100 Dreams. Today’s post is about things I intend to do this summer. What would make the summer feel both full and wonderful? June is the Friday night of summer, and all is full of possibility. Here’s what I’d like to pull off.

1. Pick strawberries (done! We might do it again!)
2. Get some “tri” days: run, bike, swim
3. Run along the Schuylkill trail smelling the honeysuckle (done! Did 11.5 mi last weekend — maybe I’ll do it again!)
4. Run a half marathon (planned for mid-June)
5. Swim solo, so it’s relaxing and not a lifeguarding affair
6. Get my garden going
7. Do some early AM runs on the boardwalk (we’ve got a Jersey shore trip planned)
8. Eat at our favorite Jersey shore ice cream shop
9. Do a date overnight w/husband (sitting is planned! Now we need to figure out other logistics)
10. Eat lobster in Cape May
11. Visit a brewery
12. Get a better swimsuit. I’m down to my wedding weight and I’m still wearing my maternity suit. This is so wrong!
13. Go on a long bike ride (maybe w/big kids. I’ve now learned baby is too young for Burley)
14. Sit on the porch in the early AM and the late PM, enjoying coffee or wine, depending on the time (or simultaneously, depending on the day…)
15. Plan fun Fridays. I’m mostly covering Fridays with my kids during the summer, so there is some space for adventures
16. Come up with my next book idea
17. Enjoy the launch of I Know How She Does It. Pause and think about how awesome it is that this project came to fruition.
18. Walk along Lake Michigan (another planned trip)
19. Eat somewhere lovely in Chicago during that trip
20. See the miniature houses at the Art Institute of Chicago
21. Take another round of family photos
22. Set up kid camp awesomeness: I’ve got some outdoor stuff, art stuff, church stuff, and science stuff. It’s a good mix.
23. Host my 8-year-old’s book club
24. Read three novels

In other news: My 5-year-old lost his first tooth this morning! It was so exciting!

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