Will you please help me out? (and how we can meet in person next week)

I Know How She Does It, by Laura VanderkamI’m sure my announcements are getting tedious for regular blog readers, but my next book, I Know How She Does It, will be out a little less than a week from today, on June 9. Please indulge me in another post about it.

I’ve spent the past two years working on this project, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I think the book does two things. It adds new data to the conversation on women, work, and life, and it has a lot of solid productivity advice that can help anyone build a full and happy existence. A number of people who have read advanced copies told me that it is empowering, which is definitely the reaction I’m going for.

If you enjoy reading this blog, I would appreciate your support for this book. You can help me in one of several ways.

First, please buy a copy. Here are the links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, 1-800-CEO-Read, IndieBound, and Books-A-Million. I don’t run ads, sponsored posts, or even affiliate links on this blog; book sales are how I keep the lights on. If you feel like you’ve read enough of me, please consider buying a copy for a friend. It’s cheaper than ordering her flowers! (Most of the retailers are settling around a $20 hardcover price point right now; the ebook is less). I know many hundreds of readers already have pre-ordered, and I truly appreciate that.

Second, please help me spread the word. Word-of-mouth is still the best marketing out there. If you have friends who like to read, please tell them about my book. Are you in a book club that ever reads non-fiction? I think this would make a great selection (I can also try to arrange to call in if you’re all discussing it!) If you’re on social media, please consider posting about the book’s release on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. It really helps if you mention that you enjoy my writing. If you work for an organization that brings in speakers, feel free to reach out to me. I’m doing a few speeches over the next months in exchange for bulk sales of a few hundred copies, and I’m happy to extend that offer to other groups too.

Finally, if you live in the NYC area, you can come see me in person! I’m doing an event with Savor the Success (a women’s entrepreneur group) on June 9, launch day, at the Roosevelt Hotel. It’s free for premium Savor members, but you can also purchase tickets for $65. That includes Savor’s amazing mastermind sessions in which you get feedback from other entrepreneurs on your business. It’s good networking on its own, regardless of whether I’m there.

I’m also doing an event at Henri Bendel on June 11. I’ll be appearing with Farnoosh Torabi, talking about the “Secrets of Her Success.” Chase is helping sponsor this event, and they’re including both of our books in the ticket price ($40). Plus there is an Henri Bendel discount included too if you’ve been hankering for some jewelry. This is a seriously good deal.

I’ll be posting about more events as they come up, but those two are immediately available. Thank you so much for all your support!

In other news: Thanks to everyone who joined me for the first I Know How She Does It book club webinar last night. Special guest Dan Grech (who some listeners recognized from his Marketplace days) interviewed me, and shared his own “dad” perspective on these issues too. The next webinar will be June 16. Stay tuned for more info if you’re on the book club list.

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