Update on Q1 goals

photo-307I’m interrupting “creative careers” week on the blog to post an update on my Q1 goals. This year I elected to set quarterly goals rather than New Year’s resolutions. I have a lot of things I want to do this year, and spacing it out helped me feel like it would all happen.

So is it happening?

I had my baby on January 15 (yes, that was a Q1 goal!). I have survived the intervening 11 weeks, and I feel like we’re adjusting to being a family of 6. I’ve been able to spend time with all the other kids as part of my pseudo maternity leave. I’ve been taking my 7-year-old out to the bus stop each morning, which gives me 10 minutes to chat with him. I am signed up to chaperone another field trip for the 5-year-old (I did one in February, too), and we took a special day to go to the Franklin Institute together. The 3-year-old and I went swimming yesterday, something we’ve done a few times. We’ll go out to dinner tonight, and possibly shopping!

As for the other goals… I Know How She Does It is in final production stages. I finished the copy-edits (8 hours before going into labor) and first pages edits. I’m scheduled to record the audio book next week. We got awesome blurbs. You can download the intro by clicking on the banner ad on this website. And this website has been updated to incorporate the new book. These are no small feats. There are amazing people working on all of this.

The Cortlandt Boys is doing fine. I got my first check. That was exciting! I am officially a professional novelist now. If you enjoy reading this blog, would you consider downloading a copy? I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I’m getting some great feedback from readers.

I had planned to take a family vacation over spring break, which is this week. The issue: my husband really wanted to ski. I don’t particularly like to ski, so there wouldn’t be much point in me going and then hanging out with the baby in our hotel room or VRBO rental. So my husband took the two older boys to Colorado for a few days. I stayed with the little ones. I’m not really sure how to count this. A family vacation was taken…but not by the whole family. I’m cool with it, though. It’s been a pretty relaxed few days. Two children turn out to be much easier to deal with than four. I am looking forward to being reunited shortly, though!

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