Oh, for crying out loud…

photo-298I woke up to this: snow. On the first day of spring! Fortunately, this truly should be it. Looking at the 5-day forecast, the temperatures will be back up to the mid-50s by mid-week. But still! It’s almost April!

We have a busy weekend of kid birthday parties coming up (4 kids!). I heartily recommend Amazon Prime for situations like this, though we had one issue arise in that we chose presents for two twins that are different but cost about the same. Then they arrived and one is much bigger than the other. The kids are little enough that this may matter, so I’m now trying to figure out what to do about that. There’s stuff in the gift closet, but I probably wouldn’t have had this happen if I’d picked the items in the store.

In addition to the birthday parties we have lots of other stuff, like swim lessons and a night hike. I’m looking forward to a (chilly!) Sunday morning run. I will spend some time reading the novel I’m reviewing. And next week will be food week on this blog. I spent some time yesterday writing posts on various food-related topics from meal planning, to the massive overplaying of family dinner in the cultural narrative, to nursing, to postpartum weight loss. Fun stuff. Have a great weekend!

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