36 years, 33 weeks

I have a few essay-style posts on more meaty topics planned for later, but this week has not been good forphoto-247 writing them. Too much other stuff due and going on in general.

So today I’ll close out the week with a few thoughts.

Today is my birthday! It’s been a full year, and a good year. I treated myself to some solo holiday shopping this morning, and I’m getting a massage this afternoon. We plan to decorate our tree tonight.

I’m looking forward to Christmas, but I’m also starting to get rather excited about the impending arrival of kid #4, likely in about 6 weeks. I bought him some newborn jammies and warm outfits (I’ve never had a winter baby before) and they are just so cute. I still have no idea where he’s going to sleep. I need to buy a bunch of new stuff that hasn’t quite survived three other children (bassinet, car seat/carrier, pump). But it’s pretty amazing to think that we’ll have another family member in so short a time!
I just hauled out my old pump, and remembered the baby photo in the spot where you put the photo is actually of kid #1. This despite my using it for a year with kid #2, and 18 months with kid #3.

The older kids go through ups and downs. I think one needs a sense of humor for parenting. There’s incredible irony in the things that are inspiring the most fights right now. One is who spots “Sassy,” the elf-on-the-shelf, first when they come downstairs in the morning. The whole point of the elf is that he’s watching to see if you’re naughty or nice and reporting back to Santa. So the idea that the elf himself has inspired screaming, crying, etc. is funny (if soul-crushing during the experience). Also, there is nightly screaming over whose turn it is to unwrap the Christmas storybook from our literary Advent calendar. This shouldn’t be a question. There is a strict rotational order. The stories are all about the joy and meaning of the holidays. And yet…

I wrote last week about doing my own personal Turkey Trot in the backyard. While that was out of necessity, I enjoyed it enough that I’ve done a few more backyard/front yard runs since. It takes some of the pressure off, since I can stop at any point, go inside to go to the bathroom if I need to, and I don’t feel self-conscious like I would at the gym. It’s also just enough more interesting than a treadmill that it goes relatively fast. I do like to run outside, even in the cold.

A friend invited me to a black tie choral concert earlier this week. I decided one of my black dresses was stretchy enough to become a maternity dress (see photo). I probably looked a little ridiculous, but oh well.

16 thoughts on “36 years, 33 weeks

    1. Me too! I looked at the photo and thought how much cuter maternity wear is now. My babies are in their 20s now so I was pregnant in the era of tent dresses. Happy Birthday! You look great.

      1. @Linda M – oh, the tents. We’re invited to a “Mad Men” themed party later this month, and my husband suggested I find a “vintage maternity dress” and I’m like, uh, you mean like a giant sack? Trust me, I’m better off going modern on this one.

  1. Three things.
    1, the dress looks great on you!

    2, how do you do heels while pregnant?! It would be calf cramp city for me

    3, our due dates were just days apart and my little one is 6 weeks old now. If you are ever irritated by third trimester complaints, think of me. 🙂 The preemie/NICU experience is a nightmare.

    1. @Carrie – 1. thanks!, 2. it did get a little tiring walking in those from the car to the auditorium, but at least I was sitting much of the night. Also, go Aerosoles! and 3. I have been following your blog to read more about your baby. I hope he is doing OK and gets to come home not too much into the new year. I can’t even imagine what it must be like.

      1. The staff is telling us he should be home this month. He’s breathing well and just needs to learn to eat. It exhausts him now so he still needs a feeding tube.
        I’ll be so thankful!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Don’t know what your health insurance situation is, but the ACA requires plans to cover a breast pump. Our insurance covered a really nice Medela electric pump, all had to do was call my insurance company and ask about it.

  3. Happy (belated) birthday! We’re trying the literary advent calendar too, only I got lazy and didn’t wrap the books. We randomized it by spreading the books around in a circle and letting the blind folded kid “spin” around until she lands on a book for that night… but I guess it won’t be so random the closer we get to Christmas.

    1. @Ahlia – thanks! And that version works too. I can tell you that my kids are a bit underwhelmed with the books they already owned (about 50% of the pile). Doesn’t seem to matter that they haven’t read them in at least a year (if not more). Oh well. Like any idea you pick up from the internet, some parts will work and some won’t be quite what one intends.

  4. Happy bday Laura! Looking good, and still more productive while deep in the throes of pregnancy than I am normally, I see 🙂

    All best,
    Pamela Hobart (formerly Stubbart)

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