Help me spend more time on the internet

When people set personal goals for themselves, “spend less time on the internet” comes up a lot (The SHU Box for instance, is in the midst of a challenge to spend less time on Facebook drama).

I have a slightly different goal. I need lots of new fodder, all the time, for here of course, but also the various other places I write. The internet is an amazing place to find that. Alas, some of the fascinating bloggers I follow have been posting less frequently. I’d also like to read more broadly in general. So I’m looking for some new sites to add to my rotation. I’m getting some ideas from some new comments on this week’s threads here, but I’d love more!

Who do you read regularly? Who do you think I’d find interesting?

In other news: I’m off on another (mini) vacation for a long weekend. I’ll resume posting mid next week.

17 thoughts on “Help me spend more time on the internet

  1. I read a lot of simple living blogs. I’m always drawn to a less cluttered life, both with material things and with time commitments. It makes a difference in how I parent over the long haul. In that vein, Minimalist Mom or Art of Simple are blogs I go to. Also Pancakes and French Fries for the William Morris Project.
    For my work/home balance, simplicity helps me feel sane and on top of things.

  2. has a good blog-roll for mommy issues ( also has a pretty good blogroll, though there’s less updating on it than their used to be and you may already read her peeps)

    Club Thrifty’s commenters usually have their latest blog-post headline for members of the public finance community.

    Wandering Scientist’s twitter feed often has fascinating people in it.

    But yeah, other than that we’re kind of in a blog rut too.

    1. Also– a special shoutout to the Mothers In Medicine blog off Ana’s blogroll– a lot of those moms (in the comments) aren’t afraid to call bs when one of their members throws out one of those standard mommy tropes that hurt women. (oh noes, babies in daycare the horror the horror)

  3. There are also some that aren’t on my blog roll that I read semi-regularly (and some on there that I no longer read…need to update):
    Gretchen Rubin’s blog, Meagan Francis’s blog (forget the new name), Ain’t No Mom Jeans (technically fashion, but Shana is local and has cool ideas for date/family fun in the city), a new one I found: Marriage Confessions (about marriage and motherhood, kids same age as mine, works FT as teacher, a bit churchy but not too much), ooh and Delagar (from N&M’s blogroll has great feminist & parenting stuff)

  4. I will be interested to see the comments.

    I’ve been loving SHU box who I found commenting here. I lurk but I love. 🙂

  5. Hmmm. I think there is a way for me to share my DIGG reader feed, but I haven’t found it yet.

    Here are a couple blogs in my feed that might be of interest:

    So Many Books- mostly, but not only, about books. And she reads some different and interesting books. Found in one of my trawls through the internet to find blogs for my Tungsten Hippo persona to comment on:

    Strange Maps’ posts are not super frequent but are usually interesting:

    Rands often has good tech-oriented things. His post about “the diving save” went live the day I was the recipient of an attempted diving save. It was eerie.

    I’m sure there are others I catch mainly from Twitter. I’ll pay more attention for the next few days and see if I come up with more recommendations for you.

    1. @Naomi- sorry it took a bit for this comment to go up. Apparently my spam filter is set for 2 links which, crazily enough, will happen when I ask people for lists of good blogs to read. I’m fishing everything out now! These look great.

  6. I just watched nearly all of a CreativeLive course on blogging by April Bowles-Olin, who runs She is VERY different from the typical blogs I read, probably because she’s a lot younger and much more hip 😉 But I find it pretty interesting – lots of advice on running a small creative business and blogging.

    I also have a huge list of crafty blogs I read, so if you need to do more research for a book, I’ve got you covered 😉

  7. Hi Laura. Check out David Allen’s missives on his GTD facebook site (you probalby already do this) and Organize Yourself Skinny.

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