Upcoming articles — can you help?

I’m working on a few different pieces that could benefit from some stories. If you’ve got tips and tricks — and would be willing to let me use your name — please shoot me an email (lvanderkam at yahoo dot com):

  • How to stop multi-tasking. We all do it, and know we shouldn’t do as much of it as we do. Do you have a good way to keep yourself focused? I’m also interested in stories of things that have gone horribly wrong while multi-tasking, too.
  • Create that masterpiece while working a full-time job. I’ve got some novelists, but if you’ve created a different sort of major work of art (composing music, recording an album, staging an art show) while working a day job, I would love to hear your time management techniques. 
  • Non network-y ways to network. Some of my favorites are having dinner parties and power playdates. What else would you throw on that list?
  • What the most successful people do at lunch… or anyone, really, to make the most of this mid-day break. Think trying to eat with someone new, using that time to exercise, etc.

I’d also love suggestions of people you think I should contact. Thanks for the help!

One thought on “Upcoming articles — can you help?

  1. You might consider talking about your ideas with retired executives, as from SCORE. My uncle (retired from P&G) participates in something like this. I think you could talk to people with various backgrounds and observe the range of their opinions.

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