Stitch Fix, and the 5-year-old photographer

photo-38I read about Stitch Fix on Modern Mrs. Darcy’s blog a few months ago, and liked the idea. You answer a series of questions about yourself and your fashion preferences and then, as often as you schedule it, the company sends you a “fix” of 5 items (clothing and accessories) selected for you. You keep what you want and return the rest in an enclosed mailer.

I tend to find shopping frustrating. I’m more adventurous in my mind than I am in the store, and I wind up getting much of the same old stuff. Stitch Fix promised to add an element of informed serendipity to the shopping process.

I signed up when I read the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog post, and got off the waiting list in December (in case you need evidence that I received no compensation whatsoever to blog about this topic; I couldn’t even get them to take my money for two months). I scheduled my first “fix” for this week, and my clothes showed up today.

I’m a bit intrigued by the selections. One, a Kole Designs holed square necklace, is a nice long silver necklace consisting of a chain and (naturally) squares with holes. It’s longer than most I would have selected, so that’s a fun way to branch out.

Then there were two blouses I could have seen myself picking out — a navy one and a black tank. They’re both dressy and useful, so they’re probably a go.

Then I was a bit startled to see this very bright red-orange blouse in the box. It’s not something I would have normally picked up, except I had tried on a very similar shirt in Banana Republic a few months ago with a beige cardigan. I wound up not buying the blouse but bought the beige cardigan (see the “more adventurous in my mind than in the store” description above). Perhaps this was a sign that I should have bought it the first time. The pictures are attached. What do you think?

photo-39The item I’m most iffy about is also the most expensive: a Dyanna Long Sleeve Wrap Dress. I love the fit (and love wrap dresses in general) but the black and white color isn’t something I would have necessarily picked out. I’m also not sure they’re the most flattering colors on me. My 3-year-old saw me try it on and said “mommy, you look like a soccer ball!” Hmm. What’s your verdict?

Speaking of children, my choice of photographers around here was pretty limited tonight, so my 5-year-old did the honors with my iPhone (hence the headless shot). Although I don’t let him play with my iPhone, he seemed to intuit how to use it. Or else someone else has let him use their iPhone on the bus. I’m not sure what to think of that. Or the black-and-white dress.

Here’s an action shot of me having a tea party in the new red top. photo-40




22 thoughts on “Stitch Fix, and the 5-year-old photographer

  1. “Informed serendipity.” I like it.

    The blouse looks terrific on you! I’m glad that one isn’t up for debate.

    And these pics are a little startling because they appear to have been taken in my own basement. Same walls, same carpet, same toys. (And frequently, similar headless iphone pics. It’s a little unnerving how well my own 5yo can navigate mine.)

  2. Our 3 year has been playing with our iphones for a year. It started on a flight. he doesn’t take pictures yet, though!
    I love the red top but re: the dress, If you’re going to pay a lot for a dress, it has to make you feel fabulous,which doesn’t seem like the case from what you wrote.
    I’ve been curious about stitch fix. maybe i’ll get on the wait list!

    1. @Ana- true. The trouble is that they are smart over at Stitch Fix. You get a 25% off bonus if you take all 5 items. Since I’m taking the other 4, I’d only save $40 by not taking my $130 dress. So I’m dealing with the psychology of getting a reasonable dress for 70% off. I think it just needs a bright cardigan.

      1. Oh, I think it looks great, btw…though I’d never pick it out for myself (and that is the beauty of shopping with friends, or using this type of service) If it is a good deal, though, might as well experiment with an unfamiliar style!

  3. I actually really like the black and white dress on you because it’s more form-fitting. I tend to shy away from really loose tops like the brightly colored one because when you’ve got sort of a slim build, they can make you look like you haven’t got much of a shape, you know?

    1. @Kristen – thanks! It’s hard to see due to fuzziness and low res photography, but the jeans I’m wearing in the bright-colored top shots are pretty form fitting. I figure I can potentially pull of a form-fitting top, or a form-fitting bottom, but not both, or at least not since about 2003.

  4. The dress looks great on you! You should keep it. I also question black and white prints on myself; they look so good on everyone else (including you) one of these days I’m going to take the plunge.

  5. My last post was about Stitch Fix (Anne turned me on to it also) and I even used the word “serendipitous”. Great minds…

    I am very much a minimalist “satisficer” by nature and really dislike spending time shopping. My budget won’t let me buy all the items but I did end up with a cardigan that I’ve lived in since they sent it to me!

    I love the dress on you.

  6. I think the dress looks great, but I agree with Ana that if it doesn’t make you feel fabulous you might not wear it much. About the iphone…I have been amazed at what my son (older than yours) knows about computers and other techy things without anyone ever telling him what to do.

  7. You look hot in the dress. I would definitely wear a belt over the red top to define your natural waist a bit more. You have a beautiful figure, and could wear form-fitting head to tow if you wanted to – don’t hide it!

  8. I’ve been curious about Stitch Fix since I read about it on MMD, and I like what I see on you. I’m tempted to try this, as I am very unadventurous when shopping and don’t really enjoy it anymore. I think the dress looks nice on you–very classy and you certainly could pair it with a bright cardigan.

  9. I love geometric print dresses, especially out of stretchy fabric, as that looks to be! I think you’ll find it to be extremely versatile and easy (pack-able), but as others have said, if you feel unsure, it may not be worth spending the money on.

  10. What an interesting idea! I am not sure I could go for it, although I’m having a hard time articulating why not. I certainly need some new clothes….

    I think you look great in both of the things you show. The bright color suits you, so even if you don’t keep that shirt, perhaps you can find something else in a similar color?

    1. Oh, and I just realized that I have that cardigan in black. I ordered it online and wasn’t sure about it, but it was the only approximately right black cardigan I could find, and my old one had holes in it. And now I love it!

  11. I loved you suggestion gave in 168 Hours to consider buying an entire outfit off of the mannequin/display, especially if hiring a personal shopper wasn’t an option.

    I tend to struggle with figuring out what goes well, and I like to keep my clothes (and number of clothes) very simple. But sometimes as a result, I don’t choose what actually looks good.

    After seeing both you and Anne recommend this, I might have to give it a try! Love seeing actual pictures!

    I think they look great. But l’d probably be scared to wear it, too. 🙂 But shouldn’t be!!

    1. @Keren- go for it! I’d love to hear what other people think of the service. When I first opened the box, I was a little unsure, but I need to get out of my rut.

  12. I like that dress, its actually making me want to go get one like it (although I would like to spend a little less that $130 on it). Maybe a bright jack or cardigan, and possibly a pair of really snazzy boots and or heels? I like the red blouse, it would also look really good with a pair of black cigarette pants (basically form fitting black dress pants, I think) if you were looking to dress it up. Nice choices!

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