10 ways to use the 169-hour week

Back by popular demand! Last year I wrote a piece for CBS MoneyWatch/BNET called “10 Ways to Use The Extra Hour This Week.” When we fall back for Daylight Savings Time, we gain an extra hour. It’s a certain tenet of the time crunch narrative that we’d do all sorts of wonderful things with ourselves if we only had extra time. We’d relax, read, spend time with loved ones, exercise, etc. Yet once a year, we are magically granted an extra hour. A week has 169 hours instead of 168. And what do we do with it? Usually nothing more profound than we’re already doing. But you could have some fun with it. That post gives a few ideas.

I, personally, am heading off for a massage today — my payoff for my three-day stint as an accidental pioneer woman earlier this week. That sure seems like a fun way to spend the extra hour! What are you doing with your 169-hour week?

4 thoughts on “10 ways to use the 169-hour week

  1. I do hope you enjoyed that massage. We chose to use our extra hour to purge and organize toys in our family room, son’s room and basement, a task that was long overdue but never seemed that important to actually sit down and do until this morning.

  2. I was crazy productive today, though not due to the extra hour. Probably because my 3yo was with my parents, and the baby slept a whole bunch. I did get to the “extra” task of sorting through piles of baby and toddler clothing in the garage.

  3. We used the time to have a family outing to some botanic gardens about 30 mins north of us. The outing took more than an hour, but the fact that we were all up and about a little early helped make the time to go.
    And I used the fact that my body thinks it is an hour later to make it easier to get back on track for my morning exercise routine, which had been put on hold due to a cold.

  4. I slept! And watched an episode of Homeland. Rarely watch TV these days, but my brother and sister-in-law bought us the Season 1 DVD, and everbody says it’s amazing…I guess that technically this took more than an hour, but I felt like I had all this extra time somehow! I also love the way that Sunday morning feels so much less rushed. Oh my God – we gotta run to dance class…wait, it’s only 9 am, not 10…Ahhh!!!

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