Days of mums and roses

I’ve been trying to spend a lot of time outside this month, particularly in my own yard. Fall is aesthetically my favorite season. It’s not so much the leaves — though they are grand. It’s seeing how those patches of color interact with different kinds of light, and the bits of color lingering from summer. I can see these bright red leaves from my office window.

I snapped this white flower which still seems to be blooming bright despite the mottled leaves of the vine behind it.





We harvested buckets full of red tomatoes this summer, but some never did manage to ripen. This full fleshy one is still green just a few weeks before frost.

The fading color on these long grasses makes the white flowers glow even brighter by contrast.


Roses have an otherworldly glow in the setting autumn sun.





A simple fence post provides a neutral background for a casual twist of creeping roses.



And I don’t know what these blue flowers are, but there’s such a riot of them growing now, into late October. Blue flowers in April is one thing. But October? It’s just gratuitous beauty. And so is much of fall.

(Apologies if the photos aren’t coming across quite right in your browser window! I’m experimenting with iPhone-ography)

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