Round up: Family breakfast

One of the fascinating findings of the UCLA Center on Everyday Lives of Families study was the discovery of how few families consistently eat dinner together. American families claim to do this quite often — 50% say they always eat together — but family dinner turns out to be a lot like voting and attending religious services. We think we should do it…so we claim to do it more often than we do.

But if the point is to eat together, then there’s no reason that meal has to be dinner. Over at CBS MoneyWatch this week, I’m writing about 5 Reasons Family Breakfast Beats Family Dinner. One key reason I discovered while taking the kids to Jack-in-the-Box, Denny’s and Marvelous Muffins in San Diego last week? Kids love breakfast food. There’s no fighting to get kids to eat pancakes like there is with broccoli.

Continuing on the list theme? 4 Ways to Make Jet-Lag Work For You.

My post ran at the WSJ on how to Turbocharge Your Career Before Breakfast. The live chat yesterday was lots of fun with the questions coming fast and furious. Thanks to everyone who joined! (I recognized some names in the comments).

I have a guest post at Investing Answers on 4 Ways to Boost Your Worth Before Breakfast.

The Washington Post covers the ebook on its On Leadership page: “How to be successful before breakfast.

Matthew Amster-Burton features an interview with me in his column.

I share tips on 5 Common Business Blunders Women Make in a Women & Co post.

And I’m supposed to be on CNN tomorrow around 6:45 a.m. — rescheduled from two weeks ago. Let’s hope there isn’t another VP announcement made overnight again! Though if there is, that would certainly be big news.

Next week is the last week before school starts. My oldest is starting kindergarten, which seems like quite a milestone. More writing to come on that!

One thought on “Round up: Family breakfast

  1. Wow, starting K does seem like a BIG deal.

    I love the idea of family breakfasts too, but mostly like going out to breakfast 🙂 My only problem is that I like to cook breakfast foods, too (and am pretty good at it) but it’s too much of a time sink when I’m trying to get out the door for work. (Or requires me to get up early, which is just not happening. Sigh.) But I suppose family breakfast doesn’t have to be fancy.

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