10 Ways To Buy Happiness For Under $10

Did that headline catch your eye? I hope so! “10 Ways To Buy Happiness For Under $10” is the title of a little ebooklet I wrote, and it’s yours, free, if you pre-order a copy of All the Money in the World. That link takes you to the book page on this site, which links to several retailers. Just post here that you’ve ordered it, or you can email me, or post on the All the Money Facebook page. Thanks so much for your support. We’re two weeks out from launch, and strong pre-orders send a good signal to booksellers that there’s a readership out there. Feel free to pass this along to anyone else who might be interested.


(photo courtesy flickr user flotsyflotsam. Lattes buy me happiness for under $10!)

7 thoughts on “10 Ways To Buy Happiness For Under $10

  1. just ordered the new book! 168 hours literally changed my life so goodness knows whats going to happen with the next one!

  2. Hi Laura I have pre-ordered All the Money in the World from bookdepository.co.uk and can’t wait for it to arrive (Order number: BDG-322-3158899804) Cheers

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