Friday Round-Up: MoneyWatch edition

My 168 Hours blog from BNET migrated over to CBS MoneyWatch a few months ago. Unfortunately, much of the traffic did not automatically migrate with it. I have this fantasy that my 70,000-plus missing readers are wandering around, feeling vaguely bereft though, alas, they are probably over it by this point.

However, if you’ve been thinking “wow, I just haven’t read enough of Laura’s musings on the universe lately!” I would appreciate a click, a read and a share on any of these posts from the last two weeks. Thanks.

Can co-workers be Facebook friends? Members of Gen Y friend their colleagues — but think of Facebook as personal. Can you have it both ways?

The secret to finding time to read. People claim they don’t have time to read. Not true — you’re reading this!

How to manage employees who work from home. The CEO of Mom Corps explains how she manages a 100% virtual workforce — and how you can too.

Save time and money on your kid’s college search. Unigo, Craigslist editors and books from the library are all options for people who want more advice than a harried guidance counselor can give, but don’t want to drop big bucks on private counseling.

Career building: Who’s in your strategy group? My old writers’ strategy group, inspired by The Happiness Project, just got started again in virtual form. I think everyone needs a strategy group. I know I do!

They know if you’ve been bad or good… A new book from Havas CEO David Jones argues that there are no secrets anymore. So how should global brands operate in an era of total transparency?

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4 thoughts on “Friday Round-Up: MoneyWatch edition

  1. The CBS MoneyWatch site is much harder to navigate than BNET was. I’ve gone over there a few times since the changeover, and it’s too difficult to find the kinds of articles I used to read (yours and others). I don’t go there anymore unless you link to it from here.

    1. @Lisa – I know, it’s very frustrating. I will keep linking to my posts once a week or so, and I try to share some of them on Twitter or FB, but they haven’t been featured as prominently in the email newsletters CBS is sending out, and those were a big driver of traffic for BNET (being a headline on those emails could easily generate 5000-10,000 clicks on their own).

  2. I’ve also found that I can’t RSS your MoneyWatch column the way I could with BNET. Thanks for doing a roundup post.

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