What I am thankful for

Holidays are always a great time for reflection. This morning, I read through my Thanksgiving post from last year to remember what was on my mind this week. I had just run the Philadelphia half-marathon. We had visited the house of a friend who lived on the Main Line and had been contemplating going abroad for a year, to see if we wanted to rent the place. They ultimately decided not to go, but that planted the thought in our heads that suburban Philly was a nice area (and the downtown was nice to run 13.1 miles through, as well).

A year later, here we are. In early February, I found out I was expecting Ruth. That added some urgency to the mission of getting out of our 2-bedroom NYC apartment. We started house hunting in early March. I am thankful that the process has gone as well as it has. Buying a house is always stressful, but the good thing about buying in a down market is that we had plenty of options. The kids have been happy with the move. They like their schools. We are starting to make friends. Ruth was born healthy. All The Money In The World is both written and has a title (the angst over that occupied a major chunk of the first part of the year). The running trails around here are great, which is an unexpected bright spot. So I’m thankful for all these things. And hoping next Thanksgiving brings much to be thankful about as well.

Now, hopefully, I’ll be thankful for how my 20-lb turkey turns out on Thursday.

What are you thankful for this year?

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  1. I have returned to work and my family and I are adjusting well. My husband’s job was NOT moved to the Philly area, so we aren’t moving, and I’m glad that the upheaval of the waiting is over. We have a new roof/gutters/window capping, thanks to the hailstorm that was both scary and awesome to witness. I had a minor surgery that changed my life in a major way. We’ve found a new church that we feel so welcome at, and are doing so much for others by being involved. My children love school, especially the preschooler who goes full-day and I was worried about how long it would be for him. My first experience with co-teaching is proving to be a great working relationship.
    Most of all, my family has survived health crises, surgeries and hospitalizations and are doing well. My mother is pain-free for the first time in years. Though working, I am still spending quality time with the people who matter to me. God has blessed us in more of ways than I can count.
    I thank you for this post Laura, as I don’t think I would have truly reflected so much on the past year, as a whole. Have a happy Thanksgiving and good luck with your turkey!

    1. @Denise- Thanks! Sounds like you had a great year. The turkey went well, all 20lbs of it. We only ate about 30 minutes after I thought we would — and who notices that with a little wine?

      1. I/2 hour is nothing. my turkey has usually been done 1-2 hours earlier than they told me, so this year I put it in almost 2 hours later and it was done 3 hours earlier!!!!!

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