Plunging In

Starting up normal life again after a vacation, or summer in general, is always tough. I have several major assignments I need to wrap up before the baby comes in 4 weeks (or so) but my motivation level is low. I think it’s partly a fit of nesting. Why write a feature piece when you can re-arrange the lamps?

Over the years I’ve learned several motivational tricks for tackling large projects when I don’t feel like tackling large projects. One is to start somewhere other than the beginning. A whole article seems daunting, but surely I can handle a sidebar. I can write the last few paragraphs, then the middle few paragraphs, and slowly work my way back to the beginning. If things are really bad, I have been known to let myself go do something else for an hour (like re-arrange the lamps) and then force myself back to the computer as atonement.

But it strikes me that this is like the old question of whether it’s better to jump into a cold pool all at once, or bit by bit. All at once is intimidating, but you get it over with faster. But by bit is psychologically easier to attempt, but stretches out the pain. Same thing with letting a toddler cry it out. Going back in multiple times to reassure him probably just prolongs the agony.

So are you a plunger or a wader? I’m probably a wader… but wish I was more of a plunger.


One thought on “Plunging In

  1. I just get another cup of coffee! Trying to drink it always black but am down to instant coffee in a cup of skim plus organic fat free milk, actually really good! Coffee is great for breast milk production btw but not so great for your little one’s calm nerves !

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