The Waiting Game

Over at BNET this week, I have a post on “How to Win at the Waiting Game.” If you are hoping for a wait-free life, you will just be disappointed. So how can you learn to use uncertain amounts of time constructively? The comments over there have some helpful suggestions, like always bringing a book (or Kindle) along, and learning to use that time for reflection or strategic thinking. I’m curious what readers here have come up with for making the most of time stuck at a doctor’s office, DMV, etc.


3 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. I just don’t go anywhere without my smartphone and a notebook. That actually gets me through a lot. If it’s an anticipated wait, like a doctor’s appointment, I’ll also bring my Nook, and a printout of a journal article to read. I never know what I’m going to have the energy to do at that time, so I just give myself a variety of choices.

  2. Reading and a crocheting project go with me everywhere. If my kids are with me, we play the “how many times can you find the letter ___ on that sign?” game, or we hop in place, or play “I Spy”. They each have backpacks for places that won’t have anything for them to do, and they only get to have them at certain places, so the activities in the bag are special.

  3. If I’m expecting a wait, I often bring my cross stitch with me. I always set up new projects with everything I need in a tote bag so it’s as portable as possible. If all else fails, though, I have my Thunderbolt (android phone) with lots of apps on it.

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